Autism Awareness Month: anyone else having difficulties with raids?

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Is almost in this way. Even in regular content history you can die… mmm now im thinkin… its true. I never died once when doin the storyline at 120. A thing to think about.

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While not colorblind, I understand if Mekkatorque is one tough fight for lots of people for many reasons. But for those who are colorblind It would’ve been simpler to display numbers on top of the bots. The icons on top of the bots don’t even look exactly like the icons on the buttons.

And I think they partially solved the communications problem in LFR by making you see your own bot’s icons on top. I’d prefer if normal and heroic would just have had more icons in a row instead of how it works now.

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I may as well mention I am also someone who streams from time to time on Twitch more of a hobby than making a career or gaining any kind of fame or is that infamy on the net. So just thought if my fellow AS suffers want to see the man behind the character here’s the chance to do so.

Oh and one caveat there is infrequent use of strong language by me when doing my commentary. Any way here is my channel.

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I agree with this.
Try changing different settings in both video and sound, to reduce excessive activity on screen and in audio.


Late to the party, but thank you so, so much for this thread. I have both types of ADHD (inattentive and hyperactive), Asperger’s, and very nasty anxiety from a combination of the above and PTSD. Addons are simply overwhelming, and storyline content locked behind dungeons and raids is quietly destroying any joy this game gives me.

As far as everyday gaming, I’m a musician, so turning down everything but the music has worked really well in preventing sensory overload. All bets, of course, are off in large group content.

Somewhere up above, there was a mention of a Discord group for Alliance players with issues like this. Is there a Horde equivalent? I’m sorry if I missed a post listing one. I can’t speak for anyone else, but even the idea of queuing for Battle of Dazar’lor starts a panic attack, and I’ll never be neurotypical enough for a guild.

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The SoD community does have a horde side, but from what I can gather in the discord it’s sort of closed off to the public.


A few of us have some horde chars in there but it’s not at all active like alliance.
And no plan at the moment to expand and put more work on it wich I understand. Taking care of one community/guild is work, having two to manage is a lot of work.

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This! It was made by one of our members for horde alts. Since most of the players in SoD main alliance we haven’t got the time or interest in managing a horde community aswell. I sure hope someone makes one though. It takes a while to get communities to grow and require ppl to put some effort into getting ppl talking and joining for runs but it’s worth it in the end :slight_smile:


Understandable, and I have a Draenei DK that would be good for that, but I’ve really been more focused on my Blood Elf. Horde-wise, the idea for a guild specifically for people on the spectrum, with ADHD, etc. has been floating in my brain for a while. For anyone, really, as long as they were cool with the basic premise of the guild. If that’s something anyone would be interested in on the Horde side, poke me. :slight_smile: I’m not on as often right now due to the end of the semester coming up, but it’s something that would be nice to see on the Horde side.


What’s SoD?

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Scared of Dungeons, a community for people that for one reason of another wishes to not pug and of course those of us who wish to help with that.

11/10 community, no toxicity and they’re all a blast to do content with.

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Fellow Sperg, I find it easier just to skip raiding entirely. Its not worth the hassle of ‘normals’ not understanding or just ignoring or sidelining you so they can get their loot asap.

Most riders are stuck up jerks at best and the whole scene is in my experience is not worth putting up with for the content…

Just devote your time to something like pet collecting or mount runs.


Incredibly late to the thread but I play both alliance and horde tank and I have ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome. Honestly I understand where we’re all coming from with our difficulties with raids so anyone needing a friendly person to PUG with on LFR just message me on here!!!

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I have aspergers and the problem i have is when its too many people running around in one place, usually around world quests, mission table and such places. Its too much movement and i always get so stressed and tired from it. The longer i stay the more anxiety i get. Sometimes i just give up when i see the people and turn around and do something else, usually continue questing alone with an alt. So i dont get much bfa stuff done really.

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Came back because I have been rather busy the past month or so and realized I never left my battle tag DireRaven#213339 seeing how I liked a lot of people who I debated and talked about my own issues with on here seems worthy of asking if anyone wants to add me.


dont have the condition but ,understand the symptoms, getting older now. I get confused easier memory not getting any better. it all happens to fast in dungeons and raids no time to think. love the game spend most of my time just questing have sort of given up on groups, but still try hoping not to get kicked

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