Auto kick macro

Blizzard have released a hotfix that has been deployed to address this issue.

Thank you for your reports!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I hope that means a fix to all these automation macros. And if yes, i wonder what a certain ele will do now. :joy:


Ye, let’s hope they fixed it all ^^,

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its a very vogue response on their behalf, We actually have no clue what have they fixed.
I assume they address the interrupt and ingame related macros, but what about AHK and auto rotation scripts? I am 100% positive they did nothing about it. thats why they remain vogue. I’m sorry to see blizzard remain in their old ways keeping the audiance in the dark.


Anything is better than nothing, no matter how you see it, and i can’t say im really shocked about blizzard acting like blizzard?

anything is better than nothing
how ever its important to keep talking about it and show them we are not satisfied by it.
as a paying player i would love to get more details bout it.


I agree bro, no question there …

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They disabled the Clean Target input in macro, that was the thing which made it possible to not ever get juked because the macro wouldnt go off unless the target was really casting.

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I just witnesed a RSS where my tremor and grounding was killed instantly, meaning i got feared out of the DH SAP, which i shouldnt have been, and the clone i was supposed the ground on the last second was instantly killed.

I tried to place a random tremors and groundings afterward, and my theory was correct. A ret was legit instantly auto killing the totems randomly, without even knowning.

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most irrelevant change ever

No one was using it

It was around for years

Why isn’t blizzard fixing mmr instead ?

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were just watching ele on 2300 rating going 0-6 and wondered did something happen to his bot but i figured it was just nonsene from blizz and the rest of the stuff continues and this guy propably just bought the char, ppl continueing die 10sec from openers on 2300 rating round after round is pretty terrible

the guy who rmt him the char propably used bot to ease his work tho, and then this guy bought the char and is now dropping it from 2.4 inting 0-6 shuffle after shuffle, theres 3 offenses on the scenario the two rmt actions involved and the botting from the one who rmt chars for a living

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Damn wtf :stuck_out_tongue:

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welcome to all the things toxic related wow pvp scene

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can you tell more about the rmt things youknow alythena? i would like to know more about it. rmt for a living wtf. poor life… who the hell does something like that for a living. what a horrible life …

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example people climb characters and sell the characters for real life money, someone who does this as their main task is likely someone who also uses bot to ease his work as he wants to do it as efficient and fast as he can

someone buys char with x achi, transfers it to his account and changes the name, goes play drops it to 1.6 and oh well

either that or flipping burgers i guess :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

its not like these ppl have any occupations who rmt, why would someone making real salary 6x more what these ppl make from selling characters would spend their spare time with their hobby to play characters for other people :smiley:

the ppl that do this, well you can kinda figure why it doesnt need to be said

Well I just came across an ele continuously jumping and not casting a single thing, all insta cast burst decimating people and they went 6-0… I’m pretty sure ele is still very exploitable.

Ele dont cast that often anyway.
Just some people use scripts to flawlessly do their bursts over and over which I hope blizz looks into.

I thought they only botted w kicking? Also dmg rota or what Ele Rotation bot, not banned for 4 Months now

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