Autorun macro out of combat

Hi guys,

Since forever, when I move out of combat, I usually use auto-run to avoid constantly pressing W. I’ve always had this bound to a button on my mouse. However, recently, I had to bind that button to an active ability that I need easy and fast access to.

So my question is, is there a way to create a macro that, when in combat, casts an ability, and when out of combat, sets the auto-run? I poked around a bit, and I think it might not be possible, but I might be wrong.


There is no way to create a macro that will toggle the auto-run, since that function can only be called by the blizzard UI.

You can test it with this macro

/run StartAutoRun()

it will give you an error message, saying that your macro was blocked.

The only thing that comes close, if you absolutely want to have auto-run and an ability on the same mouse button, is a shift, ctrl or alt conditional:

  • Set one button on your action bar to your mouse button

  • Set the auto-run to the same mouse button while holding either [shift], [ctrl] or [alt] in the keybinding options

Or the other way around, that’s up to you.

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