<Avalanche> New Guild Recruiting DPS!


Avalanche is a brand new raiding guild comprised of ex mythic and heroic players, we are reviving an old guild with a large group of people who have known and played together for a long time, we want to build a team capable of achieving Curve as a minimum this tier, in future tiers we may look at pushing further and progressing mythic but by no means will be going hardcore or aiming for CE (we are just not that arsed anymore and I wont sell false promises).

The main purpose of that would be to avoid burnout but will be reassessed if and when the team is capable of doing so and to a point where it does not compromise the guilds future. However we are looking to push as far as we can on a two night basis.

What we can offer you:

  • The chance to join and help create a solid team early.

  • Weekly M+ guild runs with experienced players.

  • Potential weekend fun alt runs.

  • Relaxed raiding environment with the chance to learn and grow

We are not a strict raiding guild but we do plan on making progression at a steady pace, we do expect you to turn up to raids if you wish to trial for us that being said life happens and you wont be penalized if you can’t attend within reasonable circumstances.

Raid nights:

Thursday 21:00 ST - 00:00 ST
Sunday 21:00 ST - 00:00 ST

if you are interested simply Visit our website, apply and we will contact you or add my battletag - Tricky#21141

www.Avalanche-eu .co.uk

We are still looking for players! Come and Join us!

Still currently Recruiting Dps and a healer!

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