Avoid DK in PVP

If you want to have a stable mind, please avoid DK. Class made out of paper. Dies in 4 seconds to inferior geared ww monks with 200k+ RSK and ToDs and other physical damage dealers. Can’t tank any range any more. I never ever remember any iteration of DK this weak against any class. Your only hope is to peel for your team mates in 3s and hope they kill for you. Such a disgrace…


Unholy is doing ok in pvp now, getting focused is not fun though for less experienced dks, since dk is really squishy.

DK unholy is actually strong against the balance druid which is more than enough to play it.

Unholy is best melee right now.

melee? my first 5 dmg abilities are ranged lol, tbh give UH dw capability for the real deathcoil machinegun reveal…

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Yea I like clawing shadows and death coil.
Its funny casters trying to kite me and I dont even care if im close or far away xd

Blizzard just did on frost dk randomly 50% nerf and 66% nerf to Enpower Rune Weapon. What kind of balance team is working i have no idea. But they have to be fired asap.

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