Avoid guild <exultance>

horrible experience with this guild in mecha today . kicking people for no reason just so they can get guildies in for last boss . lieng about peoples dps to try justify it abusive messages and continuing to taunt me after i messaged guild master telling him i was unhappy with how i was treated . i know theres little community in this game now but guilds like this are a big reason why .

How come you left out the part where you sent toxic messages to our members and spammed our trade chat?

what toxic messages did i send then?
i didnt spam trade chat i messaged in trade chat and then defended myself when your guild lied about my dps to try justify there bad bevaviour.

Would just like to clarify a few points you have made.

You were removed because you fail simple mechanics and the group just wanted it complete, they had been in Mechagon for 4 hours.

You then made a level 1 character and started spamming our realm general chat about how we are a toxic guild. After which you preceded to spam me all afternoon about how you are going to “destroy my guild” and how you will take my “guild to the cleaners”. (Screenshots available for anyone who wants a laugh).

There is maybe “little community” on realms like yours if this is how you act towards people but on here we don’t have much drama. This is a small realm that know each other and how we operate.

You unfortunately are nothing more than a troll and shall be treated as such. Playing the victim whilst going out your way to pester my members and myself over getting removed from a dungeon group is a disgrace.

This conversation is over.


what mechanics did i fail? i topped the meter every pull . last pull i died because healer didnt keep me topped up enough when i got targeted by giga blast (it happens) but i never failed a single mechanic . yes i did say that after your guildie had made fun of my mental health condition and the fact i was on lunch break from work . he said i should be a cleaner or something.i also didnt spam i messages in the trade chat and whisperd you a couple times , thats how a conversation works , your guild is very toxic you are trying to team up and twist everything. how am i a troll? i want people to avoid your guild because i am disgusted with how i was treated and dont want others to experience it.

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