Awakened season: my feedback

I don’t mind PvE gear as it’s the easiest to obtain ever it’s ok. However what I’d like to see is all 3 sets available and being able to choose the one you want or even to mix 2 sets from two. This would make every spec having a good set in PvP and PvE. We will see plenty of posibilities and every spec kinda viable. Imagine that instead of having survey you choose which set bonus out of 3 you choose from the catalyst. Imo this would be an epic season and probably one of the best in recent expansions.


Blizzard still owes me and us (the people) the elite xmogs from corresponding seasons (what people voted for). Small things do matter!

I’m glad the posts were just for standard mog, people dont deserve S1 mog if they werent tehre for it

No, it’s not about mog. It’s about being able to get the bonuses. I have all mogs anyway.

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