AWC is over can we finally see some PvP tuning?

Tournament is over and there are no excuses for not tuning the game. Havoc and Outlaw are overtuned for sure. Nerfing them a bit would enable some specs and comps.

Overall I’d revert stamina, fear and root changes on top of it I think they were unnecessary.


dw they’ll nerf dk and paladin hp by 50% and reduce their damage by 90% on reset


Dh and lock won nerf pls

Give them time the dev saw the first time a PvP match after one year
Or are fresh employed and have never seen one

Thats maybe why DH an Fistweaver are OP because the fresh Dev on PvP could pic them up and perform

I would laugh my *** off if DH stays the same and we only withnes minor buffs

The only thing DK got going is a big HP bar. They do that the class is even more dead in pvp😅

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i bet you blizzard are cooking some real nerfs for both frost and unholy dk that will be posted on wowhead in 2-3 days from now :wink:

I always explained it to myself that Blizzard make any tuning because of AWC not to ruin players preparations.

Nerf DH, Dlock, Awar, Outlaw, Rsham, Rdrood. Then we’ll see.

I don’t think that Arms by itself is that good. I’d say Ret or WW are better. Just from my perspective.

That is sooo sad. I love my DK. But now its just meehhh😕
Rly hope for a good rework… But, thats only in my dreams…

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Isn’t the MDI after the AWC ?

But PvP tuning has nothing to do with MDI so they can technically do it now.

i understand but that use to be a thing at blizzard : no tuning or whatever during tournament

Since they prefer to release everything all at once “because of patch content”

i don’t get much hope for this week balancing, i think the balancing will come only after the MDI

I hope i am wrong but i don’t expect too much right now

I’m pretty sure they released a lot of tuning in season 1 every 2 weeks. The argument for no tuning was that it would change the balance and might ruin teams preparations. For example if Raiku, Coffey and Limps prepared Havoc and it gets nerfed they have to look for a quick alternative. It’s over now.

blizz can do pvp exclusive tuning during a pve tournament.

its about time.

Don’t they dare touch RSHAMS. In fact, bring all healers as close to one another as possible.

I’ve played since bc with breaks and i’ve never seen a unfunny pvp like the actually game.
3- 4 broken Op Classes/Spec, to much cc skills and mobility without cooldown, worst rewards and so much more that needs work.

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