AWC: ping MVP

Yes you will sit and watch 90 min video, or you are a clown who knows nothing about a topic he is yapping about. It’s pretty simple lil bro.

Yes i am for real, since i already provided proof. But you are lazy clown and don’t want to watch it. I mean, seems like a you issue, not mine.

English is sleeping on you. So you are saying that they didn’t cheat, but other team would get DQ’d by doing same. So how is that sherlock, other team would’ve been DQ’d for what exactly then? Thanks for spitting another illogical statement. I am losing IQ when i am reading your responses.
Either way you can’t prove anything you say, so at the end of the day I am the one who is right here, since i have proofs. Provide any shred of proof that whatever liquid did was significant enough that “other team would’ve been DQ’d” for it. Also provide proof why liquid didn’t get DQ’d. Good luck proving something that is wrong and false little hater.

In this video they talk about it as well. Idk where, but it’s in there.

I am not sitting and watching a 90 minute video that you have linked when it is very well established that you’re either an extremely terrible troll or just extremely unintelligent. Show me the timestamp where they explicitly say they were allowed to do it.

I am confident they would have been. It’s an opinion, not a statement of fact. ‘Other teams WOULD HAVE been DQ’d’ is an objective statement. ‘I AM CONFIDENT other teams would have been dq’d’ is an opinion.

Neither can you, or you’re voluntarily choosing not to.

I do hate them. I am enjoying their loss, and I am enjoying your tears even more.

evil. u gonna burn in hell.

At least you admitted it little hater. Either way, i provided a video that explains everything, meanwhile you can’t even say what they did, if not cheating, that would cause DQ. Classic Brainfromwish moment, nothing constructive, only yapping. Goodnight.

EU won despite the ping!

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What’s the timestamp where they explicitly say they were told by devs that they were allowed to use the mechanic?

They used a mechanic that was immediately hotfixed straight after Blizzcon. Not fishy at all!

Yea, huehue, and they still lost :o

I stopped playing Dota 2 since many years but still enjoy watching the big tourneys but WoW even with actively playing I cant watch more than 30 seconds.
With the nature of the game its already not very good as esports and then add it a stale meta where you often see the same specs over and over it gets boring very quickly


I donnt see the point of a tournament playing with lag or most likely see people teleporting around like cyrillic player sometimes.

I’d personally be really mad ( maybe as a rps player, setup comp with lag is horribly bad).

Also I think some spec like boomy, can abuse a bit more with clone.

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Ye, and they tried that, and failed ^^,

Also the rule, that us can start 1 day before eu in world first raiding

idk the ruleset what blizzard have, is just crazy and should be illegal.

This… imagine kicking Clones on 200 ping. Besides the fact that Havoc is broken Whaazz is known for being a bit easier to juke than Chan and Raiku so that’s probably why we didn’t see him too much on NA servers.

Patch notes speaks for itself, I swear they must have nobody working on current patch rn bar maybe like one guy, cause for i wanna say the last month, maybe 2 we’ve had trading post updates and dats it.

idk Eu > Us it´s just a skill issue

Well they played Outlaw/Moonkin/Prevoker into hard counter. They tried to outplay it. Not going to lie they were well prepared with that Uldum weapon etc. but Trill has great Havoc too and Sam most likely can play Lock. Maybe they didn’t want Lock mirror into Chan.

could be, chan is really insane on lock

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