AWC: ping MVP

What’s the point of such tournament. I understand that it was the only way in covid days but now? Watch Hoolibang vs Liquid series. I’m not typing this because of Raiku Twitter post but I came to the same conclusion. Regardless of the fact who was better (imo Liquid would probably win it more convincingly) it looked bad. Literally the team that was playing with lower ping won and looked dominant.

What’s laughable is that Blizzard stopped even putting casters in the studio and they cast from their home PCs. It’s just ridiculus. Can’t you rent a studio and arrange 30 plane tickets and hotel rooms for players? If it’s too expensive in USA maybe do it like in Legion in Katowice or other place. What’s the point of such tournament? On top of that we see few similar comps dominated by Havoc and Outlaw? Whole arena community is a hostage of this farce as there are no changes not to ruin competitor’s preparations when at the end ping will affect the games.



streaming from home is for ages now.
wats the point for every game tournament? There’s your answer.

and i dislike blizzard doing 0 changes these few weeks. its horrendous. zero communication zero blizz post, this meta is digusting.

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The thing is that before covid they were renting a proper studio and even bringing Ziqo to USA to the casting studio for AWC. Now they literally don’t care.

The biggest issue is Liquid is in NA East and the NA server is NA West. What does it mean? EU team playing on NA West server has 200-250 ping. Same goes for teams like the Move - they have 200-250 ping because they are in California. Cdew playing from NA East has 90 ping on both.


Indie company…

Some day people will finally clock on that ‘WoW Esports’ is governed by nepotism and favouritism.

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In covid things at my work has changed, and some things never reverted back. prob they liked it this way. but ye the ping is a problem, also they never ever had EU vs NA before. but ye… blizz is changing allot lately.

doesnt feel it goes in the right direction tbh lack of communication and lack of allot more things. Feels like they want pvp to die completely.

Do you remember that Blizzcon when Cdew won? In EU everyone played R Druid. Turbo and RMD dominated then and R Druid got nerfed to the ground while NA played R Sham and it wasn’t nerfed at all so Cdew and Absterge were in the final.

What are you talking about of course they had. Usually they played LAN. Even during Blizzcon EU played NA on LAN. Literally the first time EU played NA like this was during covid and it didn’t work for the same reason. Why didn’t they go back to good old days?

Usually these cross region tournaments were in NA and once in Poland - Katowice in Legion.

What are you talking about of course they had. Usually they played LAN. Even during Blizzcon EU played NA on LAN. Literally the first time EU played NA like this was during covid and it didn’t work for the same reason. Why didn’t they go back to good old days?

i am sorry i didnt know that, you have a very good point there.

I don’t remember but what I do remember is their team abusing a mechanic which was immediately hotfixed straight after Blizzcon.

If any other team did what they did, I’m very confident they would have been DQ’d.

No they wouldn’t. They asked devs if they could use it, they said yes.

The other teams knew about it but didn’t use it, why’s that?

It’s pretty simple. Guess the answer.

Well since you apparently know that they asked the devs, why wouldn’t the other teams ask the devs if they can use a mechanic which gives them such a gigantic advantage?

Why are you asking that irrelevant question? Does that matter? What matters is that they asked devs and everyone who grasped what actually happened knows. You just decided to cherry pick a part that helps your narrative.
How about you watch cdew or sterge talking about it. That topic has been brought up for so many times.

‘Does it matter that the other teams that knew about an OP mechanic that was immediately hotfixed after Blizzcon asked if they could use it without repercussions?’

Your brain really can’t comprehend how that’s a reasonable question? Yikes.

Proof that they did? If they COULD use it, why didn’t they?

‘How about you watch the guy who abused it and hear what he says’. 4Head

Anyway, wipe your tears, your boys got blasted. Go donate your weekly allowance to them now.

I am not watching a 90 minute Cdew video. Timestamp the relevant part, or do you not know how to do that?

Defending a guy that abused a mechanic that was immediately hotfixed after he won a tournament with it, with your apparent intel that he and the other teams ‘asked the devs’ if it was legitimate to use it without repercussion, yet they still chose not to kinda gives that away buddy.

I know, but unfortunately dirt on my shoe is more relevant than you, so watch whole video, get a grasp.

Learn english. Point out where exactly i defended them. Spoiler alert: you won’t. I just pointed out what exactly happened.

Okay, i know that you are not smart and your english knowledge is on pathetic level. Not sure what nonsense you typed, but again, as i said, both teams explained their pov.
Your issue is that you legit know nothing. Why would they use it, when gosu had best RPS, and method had adventage in mirror match?

Yet you went out of your way to search for a video for me to watch. Interesting.

With zero proof of it, just an assumption.

Here’s where you defended them btw:

Yeah, I’LL be the one to learn English. Let me translate this interaction so your brain can comprehend it:

Me: ‘I’m sure if other teams did what Cdew did, they would have been DQ’d’.
You: ‘No they wouldn’t! They and the other teams asked if they could use it, and the ‘devs’ said yes!!’

This is a defence.

Oh, the irony, it’s so beautiful.

Anyway, until you can substantiate your claims with any actual evidence that’s logical whatsoever, I’m gonna go and enjoy the Liquid fanboy meltdowns. Ping advantage and still losing? If only they had some broken mechanics to abuse, eh?

I just linked a video that proofs it. Are you actual human being? Am i talking to a monkey?

How me pointing out thing that happened proofs that i am defended them? You are actual 20 IQ pov.

No wonder you sit here 24/7 and don’t go out luckily. With your education you are danger to society. Your logic is nonexistent.

Sez who? Guy who provided 0 evidence himself of clueless claims he has? “I hAvE HeArD ThEy CheAtEd” Okay karen, provide proofs that they cheated, i’ll wait.

What’s the time stamp where Cdew explicitly says that they and other competitors asked if they can use that mechanic and they were told they were? Since your level of intelligence is well exemplified throughout your history, you’re on some strong stuff if you think I’m going to sit here and watch a 90 minute video with zero timestamps.

Are you…actually for real? ‘How is me giving ‘proof’ (you don’t have any) in response to your claim me defending them?’

Are you…okay?

I didn’t say that they did, I said:

This is what you call ‘speculation’, ‘guess’, or ‘opinion’. Very different to me saying that they cheated. Do you want me to explain the difference to you or do you reckon you can figure it out for yourself?