AWC proves Assassination Rogue need tuning

Monk stun, and every other melee stun in the game is 5 sec. Kidney is 6 sec. Best stun in game. And they also have cheap shot. And blind. And gouge. And sap… lol

One game had only one assassination rogue clearly disproves your point though. If sin was OP it should have been at least 4 rogues each game. This is clearly L2P and should just LOS the rogue with his 90% slow poison when he uses shiv and then you can kill him ehm… after his dodge, cloack, vanish etc… its really easy.


Assa needs huge tuning, but by now its clear that all devs play Rogue since its perma the best class in PvP. When any class gets close to the level of dominance of Rogue (lets say DH early in this xpac), they get hard nerfed (justifiably so). However Rogues get away with… nothing. Not even touched besides some bug fix and 4 set nerf (lol). GG

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if los the rogue enough will soon notice have not log in game for days :slight_smile:

not that we even could as the login server is down due to some issue and once its back up can start figuring another issue why bnet says win 10 is not viable os no more for wow

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It’s almost as if people have complained about Assassination being a dribble gas-pedal spec that doesn’t need half of the Rogue toolkit that it has somehow remained privy to since Legion. :thinking:

I can understand, though. It’s been cosplaying a Warrior for the past seven years anyway, so AoE Sharpen Blade was only the next logical step. :smirk:

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If I give WoW a chance next season again - I will bench my feral and roll a rogue - one of the 3 rogue specs is always broken.

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