AWC proves Assassination Rogue need tuning

My opinion Hemo-toxin needs to be removed as having 2 charges / AOE version of a 35% healing reduction while also being one of the highest PVP-DPS specs in the game is just absurd.

Ascension vs Golden Guardians = 1 Assassination Rogue
Where’s Gourdy vs Silver Sentinels = 2 Assassination Rogues
Power Men vs Luminosity Gaming = 2 Assassination Rogues
Where Gourdy vs Shall we = 2 Assassination Rogues
Power Men vs Golden Guardians = 2 Assassination

So there was 1 set of games which didn’t have double Sin Rogue…


The funny thing is, that rogues have always been strong in PvP. Even if their damage output was lacking, they could make it up with their toolkit instead.

So if they have both the damage output as well as their usual toolkit, then they will quickly outshine almost all other DPS classes, as the others simply don’t bring the same to the table (in arena of course. RBGs (rated battlegrounds) is a different story).

That’s my opinion at least.


Tell that to every rogue crying how bad they are when they cannot kill someone without counter play🙄

But yes agreed! It’s seriously getting ridiculous at this point they have everything…


What’s fun about facing a rogue is knowing that if my trinket is down, i will die in the next stun.

And with assassination rogues, even if i trinket, ill be at 25 percent health by the time i leave stun.

Yet Monks burst was nerfed so hard, even if we press our ‘big burst ability’, it won’t even get you to 50 percent by the time the stun wears off. Yet we have worse self heals, worse mobility, worse utility and we can’t reset the fight infinitely.

I don’t understand how Bliz balance team thinks.


Agreed nerf ele and demo

Well they nerfed all other strong melees: WW, Ret, DK, Feral all got some nerfs while assa dodged the nerfs and has like the best 4 set ontop. Think they need their set bonus halfed and maybe a small 20% nerf to all their dots like feral :grinning:. And nuke shiv while your at it.

But in the end they nerf the 4 set to 10% and assa still will be by far the best melee …


WWäs tankiness need huge boost if they were to be made Bruiser
Another poor example of class designer lost insight/direction beside Ret

Isn´t rogue even more important in RBG?


Oh yes, but I’d say for different reasons. Rogues are more squishy in team fights which has 7 DPS potentially targetting them, rather than 2 in a 3v3 arena. That is at least my experience

They are the best flag defenders/stealers because 90% of the players don’t know how to def/assault flags against rogues.

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Disable set bonus in pvp alrdy sigh…

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So they heard feed back from forums/twitch/youtube/reddit etc. to nerf down feral/rets and now they leave rogues untouched? I think we need to make more posts about rogue nerfing, this is unacceptable


What do you think Evasion is for


Dont worry blizzard with their big brain IQ will nerf feral dmg and healing again instead of broken rogue … cuz why not… right blizz?

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Don’t you worry firend, blizz probably already planning to give a 3% nerf for a rogue ability which is ~7-10th in their total damage list. After 19 years of them being broken you really think its an accident and not regularity? As soon as either rogue or mage cant 2v3 people daddy blizz rush in with flat +20-30% dmg to their ability, as if they don’t also have 3 people worth of CC, so you would wheep, then they nerf it by like 5-10% where its still broken and everybody accepts it, because it’s considered norm.

And shamless rogue shills actually tell how they are easy to kill and how arms are strong, while 2v2 above 1600 is all disc/rogue and AWC shows zero arms or rets, who blizz claim had had burst with zero counterplay possible, I was buffled by the statment are we playing the same game even?


What an interesting AWC. I dont know what I love the most about the later AWCs.

That almost every team have a rogue.

That warriors mobility is so insane that a caster cant gate or portal away from a warrior without having it on them after 0.5 seconds.

That casters that used to play around with melees now have to run away from it most of the time due to the mobility and interrupts melee have.

That this is the first time ive ever seen AWC comment section not open.

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Tbh who would’ve thought giving Assa 35% MS Shiv 2x times or Sub what feels like a million time Shadow Dance is a bad idea?

Literally got pruned on my Druid going into DF and Rogues only got massive buffs. :scream_cat:

Gameplay Quality in AWC is sad

Let me describe games:
-90% teams use rogue
-Rogue go in and do his PVE rotation (same rotation 1400 ratting people do)
-After this rotation they celebrate kill, or that same rogue try to survive for a second go
-So evry game is resolved around who gonna do more crits, and which rogue gonna survive second go.

Now tell me is this level of gameplay worth of tournament? Where is room for skills and amazing gameplay, evry game exactly look the same and its played on same level like paesants do playin same class on 1400 ratting.

Blizzard need to understand if game wish to be respectable E-Sport there is no room for god classes, for OP stuff… in simple term better must win, and it shoud mater more how you play not what you play…and currently what you play is 90% of was to the trophy, and this is sad.

balancing assa wont stop you being a FOTW hardstuck 1,4 ret bro

Saying awc is at 1400 level is pretty funky.

The difference in DPS of an 1400 rog vs a 3k is pretty segnificant.

I am totally agreeing that awc is way to fast-paced. Games go sideways way to quick.

Pumping out all CDs in the first 60 seconds of a game, isn’t fun to watch nor to heal.

Listen to the awc healers or the multi glad healers, what they have to say about the pacing and strength of CDs this season.

Only low skilled zugzug players want to smash buttons und run someone down every game.

It’s fun if it happens sometimes, but having a meta like this all the time is toxic for the game.

Healing is mostly stress, and a catch-up game. It’s not about smart decision making and shuting down goes completely.
No breathing room for healers of someone is toped or of DPS CDs are on cool down.

Healing had slow phases usually while your DPS where pumping, while having fast pace while enemy was pumping.

Right now you are on the Blackfoot all the time, while using CDs incorrect will lose the game pretty much guaranteed

Assa rog is just a poisen that makes this meta to be so toxic. With having DMG outside of CDs that is broken, while having CDs that are even worse.

Your specc is broken 2 i hope you know that

3500 games lol