AWC shows why the game is so unattractive to new players

thats just not true at all.
The game might be more complex than before but its never been a good esport to watch for new players and it will never be.

And i actually dont think thats a bad thing. WoW arenas complexity is essentially why the its so fun. If i want to play something easier to follow and to get in i can play League but i dont want to.

Id rather play wow arena the way it is even if that means its going to be a niche game till it dies.

its been like that since 5 years and i dont see a problem with that.

every expansion especially the last few ones were highly successful in terms of numbers. Obviously they will never achieve Wotlk sub numbers but thats just impossible for a 20 year old game with monthly costs and all the other pvp games out there.

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As mentioned above the views went up only because it’s been moved back on Twitch. Blizzard probably thought the game was not worth to be streamed on Twitch anymore. (correct)

Retail is beyond saving the game is too far gone from it’s original ideology. Things that are supposed to matter are irrelevant and other way around. Every game is an absolute aids blender of nameplates. Horrible animations that nobody asked for. Half of you screen covered by Weak Aura package that is NECESSARY to have btw. The average retail UI feels like you’re driving a truck through Alaska. It no longer matters which globals are right but whoever is better at Guitar Hero imo.

On the other hand retail streams are fun to watch mostly because you are not the guy playing but you are just observing the suffering, crying and joy. There’s nothing better than when you gather with the boys and cheer for a bro who just lost to a lifetime rival RMP (Shadowlands) or losing to a 12 hundo dh (DF).

Do you really want that? I mean have you seen what Blizzard has produced in the past 10 years? Have you seen the travesty that is Overwatch 2? Or Diablo 4?.

WoW 2 would likely just end up worse than current WoW, but F2P and with a metric eff ton of "micro"transactions.


Evidence please as this is def not the truth and the the two new guild members you recruited don’ t count as “new” players.

You are :100: on target. The pvp game revolves around getting through defensive and reacting to offensive coooldowns, and cycling through them as a team in structured play.

If that’s the game, these cooldowns should be front and center of the UI, but for the most part they aren’t even accessible without mods.

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Holy damn, those are some nice muscles Man :open_mouth:

How do I watch this AWC? I’d like to see their game play/s.

There you go buddy.

Sigh. :man_facepalming:

Arena in wow will Always be garbage until Blizz designs it in such a way that no addons will be needed to play it (and also ban addons)
You don’t need addons in league of legends to understand what’s going on in master+ levels either.

Pace of game become insane, even experienced player with all addons have trouble to catch all of those overbloated abilties of classes. I think stuff become overwhelming for new players.

I feel like you basically have to have a minor in software engineering to manage all the add-ons, weakauras and widgets. With the winner being the one who installed the better interface, pre-scripted key combo’s and third party programs not provided by the game.

You can’t just install WoW and be done with it, you have to follow a course and hope you can see the trees through the forest.

Maybe if Microsoft wants to go big on reviving the IP, it could be a worthwhile investment. Maybe plug a nice Warcraft 4 before so we can flush in new content and have things to look forward to.

Indeed, the pacing is awful, in game, you can just die without even knowing what killed you. I feel that I can no longer keep up with the game because I’m not a robot.

Though I disagree with the idea that there are too many abilities. What we have is that there are way too many procs and passives. The damage and HPs is way too high as well.

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Came back to play a lil bit some arenas and still marks dont work in Solo shuffle. for a healer it is important, in that chaos cant see my teammates. I need again some addon for it?
And then we are talking about some pvp improvement, basic things they cant fix for years.

I thought that too that wow laggs the most of new player
But there are a decent amount of player that start doing covid

You can see it if you inspect people on check pvp wenn the got there first achiv

they should have the golden and purple team indicator on the nameplates.would help a lot.


Meanwhile games that are played by people that actually know what they’re doing are 7-11 minutes long rofl

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We call it clay! Carefull gameplay, no nerve, nothing thrilling

Massive pruning needs to happen. Casters need to cast again. Melee mobility pruned. Most modifiers removed (leave 1 for each class) → basic spells / abilities doing significant damage. Make rng procs less inpactful, remove multiple defensives from specific classes.

Imo the pattern could maybe be Devoker design, you cast every spell and you hit hard with everything no modifiers needed. You are very squishy with limited proactive defensives, high potential with Rescue / Time stop / Alter.

Remove those dgsht talents trees asap and bring back the old ones that does not fall apart as soon as you touch it.

Remove dh.

Game is a disgrace rn and it’s been for some time.


Pruning isn’t going to make the game better, unless it means pruning procs, modifiers and passives. And nerfing damage and (self)healing. The pruned gameplay of some expansions ago was terribly boring, with the gameplay of most specs being “rogue, but with different names and animations.”

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