Azeroth Trading Company - A Mythic+ Community for all!

Azeroth Trading Company - A Mythic+ Community. For E.U and N/A

Before I tell you all about us, please note: This is not a ‘Boosting’ community or anything you have to pay for. We are a big group of REAL players who are having fun and want to help people for real!


A.T.C (Azeroth Trading Company) was started back in 2017 as a Mythic+/Social guild and have been active in the Mythic+ aspect of gameplay ever since. We have now decided to branch out into helping others who are in need of help with not only Mythic+ but other aspects such as PVP/Transmog runs etc…

If you have issues getting into keys for whatever reason, we’re willing to help. We ask that our friends are non-toxic and willing to learn/help out when they become better players.

If you have found things hard due to (but not limited to):

• Toxic attitudes

• Being left out

• Unable to find players

• Unsure of how to create a group or what to look for

• Class/gameplay issues

• Being unsure of yourself or your ability

• Shyness

Or anything else not covered here, then we want to hear from you. When the WoW community comes together, we can do awesome things and most of the time a little understanding and compassion can really help people to come out of their shell and give them something else to enjoy in their life.

This is a great place for people to come and make friends/chill, and with over 540 members, there are always people around to talk too. People here are making new friends and working together really well, to the point people who never had KSM before now have it on multiple characters.

Should you really like us and want to be a part of the guild proper, then this can be arranged and will be linked in the Discord.

How to find us:

You can join us via the following links: … 23 12

The top link is to join the in-game community (E.U only at the moment and we’re looking to make a N/A one soon), and the bottom one is for the Discord server.

The reception so far has been really positive and there are people in our community who are making fast friends. There are people running groups and looking for keys quite a lot during expected busy hours and some during the off hours when the game is a little on the quiet side.

To get the most out of this it’s suggested to just jump in and start chatting as that’s a sure fire way to break the ice, so feel free to come and find people for your keys or start a chat about something random in our ‘off-topic’ section, bring your friends/family etc and hop into a voice chat channel. The more active people are, the more it will help others to feel at ease.

We look forward to seeing how this grows and meeting you all.