(Azjol Nerub) 420 warlock LF guild


currently playing demonology i mainly play warrior and warlock mostly my warrior is the main but i am focusing on my warlock at the moment for warrior i made an alliance warrior for a change , but trying to focus on lock as a main current ilvl is 420 looking for an active guild interested in progression in raiding and m+ but friendly helpful and play wow for fun not as a JOB :slight_smile:


We might not be on your realm but we have a guild that’s focussed on personal growth, improvement and most of all having fun together with a laid back attitude, if you’d be interested you can contact me here for more details:
character: Ashusaka-Kazzak
Battletag: Sentinel#22626
Discord: Kean#2008


Hey there were also not in your realm but we are looking to progress with raids if you like to join our raid team :smiley:

Contact me on bnet for more info - ackersass#2322

(Maxshocks) #4

Hi there.

If you are interested on playing the warlock as Alliance, I run a guild on Quel’thalas which focuses on Hc raiding and regular M+. As we are on your connected realm a transfer wouldn’t be necessary. We are 7/8HC atm with Azshara likely to go down this week.

I’ve left our link with more info below and please feel free to add me for a chat on Bnet Dodger#2127 or Discord Maxi#0222. If not then best of luck with your search :slight_smile: