Azshara & Night Elf Lore video series I'm working on

Edit: latest one is here:

Posted here a year or so ago when I first started my lore series and I got some really useful feedback. I had to take a long break but I’m back working on my first series (of a planned three) and just released part 1.3:

The idea is to go through in detail the history of Azshara before moving onto talking about her in the game and in the future. I wanted to breathe a little bit of life into the original lore, knit together the mess of stories and feel that love I had as a teen for the night elven world again.

I’d apprechiate anyone giving it watch, please let me know if I’ve made any stupid mistakes!


Other than a minor spelling mistake at 3:31? You’ve committed the crime of being an anglo!

Really liked it.

Are you going to talk more about the Night Elves, High Elves and Blood Elves in the future?

That’s such a bad spelling mistake :face_with_head_bandage: