While playin’ WoW (in windowed mode), the Battel net urged an update (changing mid fight the screen to the Battle net in Windows to update. I’ve ignored it (obviously since this was mid-fight).

Is there any way to prevent this in the future? I usually update regularly so it can’t have been a forced update and multiple guildies experienced this @ the very same time as well. Probably not super chill if mid-game you have a pop-up from Battle net to update, change your screen etc.

this is part of the terms of agreement, Plus its scanning your system for any hardware changes. Also, it’s adding a helper to your system so that this app loads at system turn on or reboot. Check the system config and check hide Microsoft programs under the services tab. This should show you the Battlenet helper exe. if that exe is not there, you will have to accept the terms and allow the system to upload and scan your computer. if you decline, the system will continue to send you these messages until the helper has been installed on your system. if at some point the battle helper has bene installed, you can always uncheck this as not to allow it to load at start up.

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