Back after 2 years, Chromie Time question

I resubscribed to WoW yesterday after more than two years away, having last played during the Battle for Azeroth expansion. I have not yet bought the Dragonflight expansion, so my level cap is 60.

I have a couple of characters that got to level 120 in BfA, which have now been squished down to level 50. I want to get them levelled up to 60 before buying Dragonflight.

Would it be better to level these characters to 60 through the Shadowlands content with or without using Chromie Time? I started off using Chromie Time, but by the time I escaped The Maw and got to Oribos, I was already level 54. Should I have started Shadowlands in normal time for a levelling pace that better matches the content?

Would there be any drawbacks of dropping out of Chromie Time and proceeding with the rest of Shadowlands in normal time, if that’s possible?

Another question is, when I start levelling my second level 50 up to 60, can I use Chromie Time to replay an expansion that that character already completed the normal way, years ago?

Thanks for any advice.

Welcome back!

You can use Chromie Time on ANY expansion, except Dragonflight. And you can switch expansions at any time; just go back to Chromie and ask for a different expansion. I typically do that to hit specific points along the way. I will ususally spend a little time in Legion to pick up the Dalaran Hearthstone (which is now a Toy, so takes up no bag space), the artifact quest, and class hall. I will also switch to Warlords to set up a Garrison and another Hearthstone to there, which is also now a Toy.

I’m honestyly not sure if there would be any difference at all for your level 54 to leave the Shadowlands timeline now. The entry to Shadowlands has always been very high XP.

The Shadowlands Campaign REQUIRES you to complete all of the campaign quests, the ones with the shield around the exclamation mark, in order to unlock Covenants, which are kinda like Class Halls but not for classes, and with more stuff tagged to them them. So if you want to do Shadowlands and open those, my best advice is to complete those quests ONLY - don’t waste time chasing down other quests.

During Shadowlands itself, the Shadowlands Campaign was nicely tuned so that doing those quests only would get you from 50 to 60 - but post Shadowlands, the XP was changed so it will get a character from 10 to 60. That is, it has much more relative XP now than it did then.

I think there will be no difference if you drop out of Chromie Time and proceed with the rest of Shadowlands in normal time, now that you already have the portal to Oribos, but you can try, and see, and re-tale Shadowlands Chromie Time if it does cause a problem,

YES! Definitely. Even if you completed Wrath while it was current, entering Chromie Time will make all the quests available again.

I hope you enjoy your levelling, and do ask again here if you have any more questions!

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