Back after many years. Question about rare elites?

Hi all,

I have come back from a long break and looking to farm some of the Shadowlands cosmetics.

I have head a lot of contradicting information about how many times you can farm them.

I am trying to farm Bubbleblood for the 2% drop cloak transmog in Maldraxxus.

Some have said I can only kill it for loot once per day but I unknowingly farmed it for longer and killed it about 30 times with no loot, apart from Putrid Sludge. Then on kill 34/35 I got the toy. This made me think I can farm it more than once?

I tried again today, farmed it for 2 hours with nothing and then just as I was about to give up, I got some Blackhound Bracers of the Quickblade (green bracers) but I can’t see that this boss drops these? I only killed the boss and the little blobs around it.

EDIT: He DOES drop the bracers

PLEASE can someone tell me if I can only kill it once per day?

Welcome back!

As far as I know, and as far as my personal experience goes, and as far as I have heard or read

  • Shadowlands Rares can drop trash loot, including Greens, on any kill
  • Shadowlands Rares drop exclusive loot, like mounts, toys, pets, only once per day per account

… and they’re all pretty stingy!

I started Shadowlands by farming rares on multiple alts. I got almost nowhere. I certainly never got a significant drop on a second or subsequent kill within a day. Later I read that the main drops were per account per day, not per character, and I adjusted my farming accordingly.

Thank you for the reply!

I thought the same and then I got the blue toy pet after quite a few kills, which made me think the ‘one chance a day’ rule was wrong!

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Yeah, I can’t account for that.

Did you really kill Bubbleblood 34 times in a day? That’s HARDCORE! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, I made a target sequence macro and just sat there spamming it every 5 mins when it spawns.

I really want that backpack for my MoP CM warlock set :o

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