Back armor. What do you want to see?

Thank you for your input. I’m glad to see players that have fantasy and ideas to share with others.


I didn’t make them up myself it’s collection of back items i have seen in other games i play and in fantasy pictures/movies. I just listed what i have seen and what i like a lot. :blush:


They sacrificed everything, even their backpacks


What the horde deserves : spikes.

Spikes with SPIKES on them, and on those spikes we get spikey shoulders with spikes on them that have skulls on them.

I’d love to see race (or even class) specific backpacks, similar to the Totems already implemented ingame. E.g undeads could have blight carriers like the ones already ingame. Goblins could have bags filled with gold (think Diablo treasure goblins). Or class specific ‘tranmogs/visuals’ like someone mentioned earlier: Warlocks getting Guldan inspired horns. Rogues get a satchel of some sort filled with ‘tricks of the trade’.

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Turtle Shell

Sylvanas body pillow (restricted to loyalists of course)

Deffo no wings, jesus christ. World of warcraft facing god like beings. Running a round with stupid fairy wings.

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You are right we gotta keep our dignity.


I agree, human hunters should have never happend in wow.

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That is all. Too many of the lesser races have none, so a prosthesis would be nice for the unfortunate.

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Over the shoulder cloak / banner in LOK style.
Razielim <3

As long as my rucksack has a coffee pot hanging off of it, I’ll be happy.


Please no, oh god no. They always end up looking like they belong to some bad costume.

As a rogue I want a poison producer linked to my arm. Should be similar to a ghostbuster backpack.

Kazooie backpack please :slight_smile:

I want to see a quality mogs with less armour.
Like Reforged Archer :sun_with_face:

there is 4 or 5 kinds of back totems, why are you raging? Go fa* and chill.

Totems are the Tauren stuff, common people.

They look awesome on Tauren and Tauren only, and it been fixed on the animal forms already.