Back armor. What do you want to see?

I want a coffin back piece for forsaken like the one on the back of the DK class mount


I like that idea because it puts the dark goth theme on forsaken it could work.

This, i wanna be a winged fox


Diablo 3 is a single player game don’t care what it has but to me wings look just absolutely stupid when they are just a cosmetic crap.

As a mount wings might be ok still i am not a fan of them to me wings just look horrible and stupid.

Whatever dude your opinion I happen to like them.

The thing is knowing blizzard the wings would be over sized clutter on the screen like large mounts.

There was nice looking wings when warlock had that tanking stance because wings were not over sized and fitted the theme but most of the time mmo’s that have wings look out of place and weird.

Sure slap demon wings on warlock and holy wings on priest/paladin but when it becomes like GW2 where warriors/thiefs run with butterfly/angel wings it really looks strange

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That one I agree on actually that would look really strange now I actually see that not all wings would be great :laughing:.

Want to steal DH wings and make from them a legendary cloak with glide ability implemented into the item :rofl:

Think you covered every possible angle there!!! Very nice.


Cloaks with hoods that show your hair. If neccesary, changes your hairstyle to a braid(s) that goes down to your shoulder(s).


All headgear to take hair into account would be sooooo good.


And ears, eyebrows and tusks. So many times have I been put off by headgear simply because of these simple things just sticking out of the helmet.

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  • Racial (and armor-class, like, human cloth, human leather, etc) backpacks.
  • Rogues who have the legendary daggers get working black dragon wings. Had them before Demon Hunters stole them!
  • Since Blizzard has the technology ALREADY, give us physics on tabards and cloaks. Maybe even on select hair.
  • Generic looking backpacks (not overly hyperdesigned), but lots of them, easily accesible over the world, to create a good library of appearances away from more detailed and difficult to pair with transmogs backpacks. New tech and designs always suffers from appearing only in the latest new-reputation/difficult content grind stuff, and that brings it down a lot in value.

They should make them toys… why didn’t they make them toys in the first place?

Sometimes I wonder if Blizzard even remembers their own systems.


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