Back to (almost) empty server

Hey there,

I’ve started playing Retail on my old server (which is almost empty), some (4-6) ppl i know are still there in my old guild and that feels familiar.
Though most of the day they are not around.
When i enter Orgrimar it’s empty, same with quest zones. I might want to raid but don’t know if LFR holds up (i would like to do it with the guild).

I’m playing this game with a big emphasis on the social part and i’m stuck between 2 choices;

  • Leave and start anew, not knowing anyone (old members won’t leave from current server).
  • Stay on a almost abandoned server for the sake of nostalgia and having some familiar faces some time in the day.

I was hoping for some fresh perspective and maybe a suggestion for a server may it come to that. Always played Horde but i don’t mind exploring the other side.


(posted this before on wrong toon, first time :x )

There is one more choice, pay for a transfer, but if you do, make a character to look the realm first.

I wouldn’t stay on a empty realm, nostalgia or not.
It would be just sad seeing a place that was fun and lively completely abandoned now.

I’d suggest ~
Horde: Tarren Mill, Draenor
Alliance: Silvermoon, Outland, Ravencrest –
If RP interests you Argent Dawn; it is more heavy on ally side but horde is quite lively too.

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Well, if you want my advise,

You dont need to start all together fresh, u can add those to battlenet and more, as u can play cross faction and cross server its never been easier to retain friendships even when looking at. New server.


If you are to go to a new server, maybe have a look at the guilds on that realm, this is the defining point of server realistically, look for guilds which fit your critea.

Also ontop of that, dont be scared to ask to add people etc etc when meeting like minded players, its quite easy to build friendships to do content with it wont mean u forever have groups ofcourse peoples schedules differ, but generally it does make things easier.

However bare in mind:

We are at the start of a expansions so valdrakken is simply more popular currently, and also, lower level zones may feel quieter, cross server is open in those enviroments so u prolly wont feel mhch improvement there.

So moving server may not get the results ur exactly after, lots of people will be farming m+, raiding, or on downtime as DF did a major job at making everything feel optional.

And with 10.0.7 arriving with more content and a new zone, u will find large amounts of players are going to be diving into there.

However, yeah ive never seen anyone from ur server, so itd defintly appear ur on a dead realm.

As far as im aware draenor, tarren mill and ragnoros are your top choices when it comes to horde.

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