<bad taxidermy> [h] heroic-only 2 nights a week (7/8hc)


Bad Taxidermy is recruiting! We are a casual heroic-only raiding guild located on Tarren Mill. I won’t promise you maturity like most guilds, but I will promise you a bunch of old farts juggling WoW amongst other hobbies, a job, a family, etc.

As the title says, we only raid heroic but might just do the first boss in mythic. All our raiders want to clear the bosses on a reasonable difficulty without progressing every single week from one raid tier till the next. A bunch of us have raided hardcore in the past and we realize that the internet brownie points don’t pay the electric bill. So we found a retirement home now to still play the game we love.

We only raid 2 nights a week and ideally, once on farm, we can get that down to 1 night a week. Unless Blizz decides to go back to 14+ boss instances with more trash than the river Ganges of course. Apart from that we do dabble in some alt runs on normal mode, various keys m+, etc.

We all have our stuff to do, but what we don’t really want is phantoms in the guild. In one way or another we expect you to be social. Whether that’s joining some m+ runs, being active in guild chat/discord, etc. If after a month we only remember you as “the mage that logs on raid nights”, you probably won’t fit in. If we remember you as “Alex who butchered the timing on that horrible joke on discord during our +9 Atal” then you’re our kind of person.

We raid only heroic but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any standards. We expect you to know your class/spec to a reasonable degree. Nobody will yell at you for taking a talent that is 100 dps less on a specific boss. But basic things like enchants and standing in healing rain should be second nature.

We raid Thursday and Tuesday, 20:30-23:30 server time.
Currently recuiting DPS DK with tank offspec, Dps Warrior with Tank offspecc and dps shaman with resto offspecc.

(If you are only intrested in joining as social and not a raider, You are as much welcome!)

Battletag: schblae#2200
Ingame whisp: Hasmamama, Vorteks or Vyathen.


Bump! Recently cleared Jaina Proudmoore HC Ahead of the curve and are currently Chilling until Crucible of Storms opens.


Now recruiting both melee and range dps. It’s a plus to have an core offspecc(tank or Heal).

As mentioned in previous post, We have downed Jaina and are ready for Crucible :slight_smile:

!Contact person update!
Ingame whisp: Schblaam, Vorteks or Vyathen
Battletag: Schblae#2200


Currently recruiting Ranged DPS and Looking for a Shadow Priest with a Healer offspec and a Full time Healer, NOT holy Pala - Normal Crucible Cleared 2/2 Progressing HC First boss @ 30% within week one


Hi, are you still recruiting healers?
If so i’m a 405 mistweaver looking for a casual heroic guild.
I’m a returning player so i haven’t raided at all this tier but i did some mythic in Uldir and Legion.

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