<Bad Taxidermy> [H] Heroic-only 2 nights a week (8/8hc)

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Bad Taxidermy is recruiting! We are a casual heroic-only raiding guild located on Tarren Mill. I won't promise you maturity like most guilds, but I will promise you a bunch of old farts juggling WoW amongst other hobbies, a job, a family, etc.

As the title says, we only raid heroic and have no interest in mythic raiding. All our raiders want to clear the bosses on a reasonable difficulty without progressing every single week from one raid tier till the next. A bunch of us have raided hardcore in the past and we realize that the internet brownie points don't pay the electric bill. So we found a retirement home now to still play the game we love.

We only raid 2 nights a week and ideally, once on farm, we can get that down to 1 night a week. Unless Blizz decides to go back to 14+ boss instances with more trash than the river Ganges of course. Apart from that we do dabble in some alt runs on normal mode, various keys m+, etc.

We all have our stuff to do, but what we don't really want is phantoms in the guild. In one way or another we expect you to be social. Whether that's joining some m+ runs, being active in guild chat/discord, etc. If after a month we only remember you as "the mage that logs on raid nights", you probably won't fit in. If we remember you as "Alex who butchered the timing on that horrible joke on discord during our +9 Atal" then you're our kind of person.

We raid only heroic but that doesn't mean we don't have any standards. We expect you to know your class/spec to a reasonable degree. Nobody will yell at you for taking a talent that is 100 dps less on a specific boss. But basic things like enchants and standing in healing rain should be second nature.

We raid Thursday and Sunday, 20:30-23:30 server time. Currently looking for nothing I'm afraid, sorry.

tl;dr: we're old and not recruiting atm.

(Restrained) #2
Any chance for a resto shaman? I Can see your looking for ranged dps but i am willing to be like a “stand in” if that could Benefit your guild somehow.... i have been looking for a guild with your raidtimes and system for a long time, Since im a family dad and cant be online every day etc. Im willing to respecc to elemental if that What it takes or just wait for a raidspot. Would be awsome to hear back from you guys.

Best regards

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Hey Restrained!

I'm sorry but I feel like an extra healer is a role that we can't accomodate for at the moment. Even as a stand-in, since we have multiple dps with a more than viable healer off-spec ready to step in. If you would consider going elemental main-spec then we could definitely fit you in. But I won't waste your time and make an empty promise of you being able to heal in our raids in the near future, sorry.

Greetz, Fleabag

(Restrained) #4
thank you for responding back to me Fleabag.

i would love to try out as an elemental shaman in your guild. Atm. elemental shamans aint the strongest class ingame, but the new patch will hopefully bring some strength in to the elemental shaman spec.

i will whisper you at some point when your online for a chat.

thank you.


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Sounds good. We're not pushing hardcore content, so as long as you enjoy the playstyle of your spec and know how to perform with it, everything should be fine. No need to worry about flavor of the month, spec performance are close enough to ona another anyway =)

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Update! Recruiting all types of dps atm.

(Pendragon) #7
Do you by any chance need Tank with DPS as offspec? I can switch specs if needed.

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Hey Pendragon! Sorry but we really only need dps atm. Both melee/ranged is fine, any class too, but no tanks or healers unfortunately =(

(Cowsius) #9
Hi :) Are you still looking for any kind of DPS? I play retribution paladin and trying to pug heroics is driving me to insanity. It would be nice to have a social guild to raid with.

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Hey there! Yep we are still looking for any kind of dps. One of our officers is on a holiday but feel free to whisper someone in-game or add us on realID :)

(Perisno) #11
id like to join i may be a tank at present but trying to gear dps as well

(Spamfu) #12
Hey there! Dps with tank off-spec sounds great! Some people have added me on realID but I haven't been on much last couple of days, sorry for that. Feel free to talk to me in-game or whisper any of our raiders or officers for a guildinvite.

I think we're good for melee dps for now so restricting recruitment to ranged dps.

(Mistuha) #13
Hey. I was wondering if u needed a Shadow priest or a Mage iv currently just rerolled 2 shadow from holy so im still learning it and with my mage the item lvl quite low 345 but i can get that up quite easy with M+ BGs etc.

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Sounds awesome! ilvl is not an issue really, just pick whichever of the two you prefer playing =)

(Bananashmm) #15
Hey folks,

I'm an older (aged?) gamer with 6/8hc experience as a Shadow/holy Priest (and currently alt-ing a MW Monk.) I'd love to stop by at some point for a chat if you're still on the look-out for dps!

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Still recruiting! Melee dps is fine too :slight_smile:

(Yossarrian) #17

Hey there! Me and my friends gave it a try in trying to establish a fresh casual guild, but growing and expanding appeared to be a little harder than we expected.

So the question is, could we maybe find a nice harbor at your guild?

We are a group of around 8-9 people who would be interrested in joining your ranks. I understand that adopting such a big chunk of people tied together might be a risky move from your perspective, but I can assure you that all of us are mature guys around our 30’s who just want to enjoy a bigger community that is drama free.

Most of us are sticking with this game since vanilla, with some having played cutting edge level for quite some time. Now we’re just taking it all slow with no higher aspirations than to run some m+ keys and clear HC tier of each raid and most importantly - do it with some friendly mates.

Some of us already cleared 8/8 HC this tiers, others are on 7/8. We run weekly m+ keys trying to push as high as we can and now with most of us having experience up to 13+ on time.

We’d love to join up to you guys, because what keeps us at this game is it’s social part. We’re all chatty and use various VO’s on regular basis. We also don’t expect any privileges considering our group size. No one here cares about being in control or ranks!

If that sounds interresting to you, please give me a sign.

(Spamfu) #18

Hey man! Thanks for your interest in the guild. 8-9 people is a bunch but it sounds like you’d be a good fit. The only thing I’m hoping is that most (if not all) of you are ok with being dps. If you want to bring over 2 tanks, 3 healers for example I’m afraid that won’t work. If that’s not an issue, add me on realID and we can talk!


hi, added spamfu on real id just now, looking for a decent social guild we do pretty much what you say. Decent laughs while doing I guess is mid level content. Look forward to chatting to see if its a decent fit.

(Spamfu) #20

We currently have 31 or so raiders and trials combined so unfortunately we are no longer recruiting for the foreseeable future. Sorry to all those interested.