Balance druid has a lot of issues in PVP

I’m currently experimenting with various classes, with a primary focus on the balance druid in PvP. However, I’ve encountered significant challenges, particularly in 1v1 situations. Handling melee classes, especially rogues, has proven to be difficult due to their high mobility.

In a recent duel, I faced a balance druid with ratings of 2.4 in solo shuffle, 2.2 in 3s, and 2.1 in 2s. Despite my lack of proficiency with my ret pally, I was able to defeat the balance druid multiple times. This success wasn’t a testament to my skill with the ret pally but rather highlighted the overall struggles of the balance druid. Mobility emerged as a prominent issue, making it tough to outrun classes like Demon Hunters, Warriors, Rogues, and other melee opponents.

Imagine the frustration of dying while in bear form with bark skin active – it must be a daunting experience.

In my opinion, playing as a balance druid is not enjoyable. PvP balance seems off, regardless of a player’s experience level. It feels unreasonable for a 1.2k-rated rogue to consistently defeat a 2.5k-rated balance druid.

Regarding solo shuffles, it’s exceptionally challenging to play against melee combos. As a balance druid, everyone converges on you, and you’re forced to remain in bear form constantly. Unlike other classes like locks and mages who can still counteract melee assaults, balance druids feel helpless in the arena. They succumb quickly in bear form without contributing much.

Blizzard, if you’re attentive to player feedback, please address these concerns. Balance druids were enjoyable to play in Mists of Pandaria with good mobility tools like Blink and Trees. Nowadays, the class feels like a mere shell, suitable only for PvE.


I thought shadow priest suck in 1vs1, then i tried balance druid. Can not do a thing lol. Literally a slowly walking turret.


They can’t buff balance because Cyclone exists and is mega toxic. Because of a stupid spell both Feral and Balance need to be weaker than they should be and their whole gameplay relates around how many cyclones can you land. If you can’t land cyclones cause you got 2 melees zug zuging you, you lose. If left alone to spam cyclone you solo win the game… Feral the same exact thing, no cyclones = no dmg, no pressure, land a cyclone and you get a free frenzy and free 5 CP, and free 10% DMG increase and free 5% burn… It’s dumb how much power is behind cyclone and Blizzard just doesnt understand that cyclone is the problem. It’s not fun to play, and its not fun to play against cyclone spam.


Mobility creep through the last xpacs ruined Druid as a class basically. Ret used to be easily kitable as Druid but now can dispell roots, have the horsy thing and its like semi-ranged anyway. DK was the spec the least mobile now has multiple grips, spammable slow meaning you cant outshift it and cannot be slowed with another spell not to mention in its go can be immune as well.
Rogue, Monk DH the ones who were similar to Druid in Mobility have better and smoother kits compared to shifting and its micro lag…
Now to add insult to injury in Blitz which will be rated next xpac everyone is fast anyway…


Jo Moonkin is crap in pvp atm and makes zero fun.

It’s in general an issue, that ALL melee classes in the game nowadays, have so many tools and gap closers, that kiting no longer works.

Same reason why Hunters need their defensive toolkit completely reworked. :man_shrugging:

In regards to Rogue specifically, yes they are WAY overpowered. :sweat_smile: They will kill most classes in a single stun chain.

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A bit off topic, but is starfall build generally viable in solo shuffle? Seems like a great option to fight melee lobbies.

Balance druids are broken , worst casters ever 1000000000000 years to cast some cheap skills less dmg, bad healers, feral… it is a joke :))) gj Blizz nerf more !

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