Balance of Power + BFA pathfinder .. worth it?

So I decided to main Druid in SL. Wanted to prepair for SL now. So I got the class hall mount (took forever…). Now I’m looking to unlock all artifact druid skins to get all the forms… (however I do only play balance/resto)…

Im 67% done with the questline… But I always get great backlashes “You have to be revered with… X”… I just got revered with The Nightfallen… and now they want me to get Revered with Varajar (or something)… but will I be done after that? Or are they gonna ask me to be revered with someone else as well??.. How long does this stupied quest take? Jesus…

Also… I’m working on pathfinder for BFA… I only need to get Revered with Tortollan (the turtels) then I’m done with part one… then I need to do part 2… Like how much time can u spend on this game T.T it seems like u never can be done and just focus gearing or whatever…

Will it be worth it in the end getting Pathfinder? and all the skins?
Also does anyone have a tip how to reach Revered with the Tortollan seekers? Im only Honored with them… :C And fort part 2… I haven’t even reached Mechagon yet… jesus…

And I feel… what if I change my mind and I want to play Priest or… I don’t know? Paladin?.. Like… do I seriously have to go through all this again? What happened to the game? I’m a returning player from WoTLK… and I feel like the game has evolved to a full time job lol…

Pathfinder will be made redundant in SL launch (maybe prepatch???) so if i were you i would focus on Balance of Power

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You’ll also miss out on the mount though from PF. And yeah I believe Valarjar was the last of the reps for BoP questline mate.

And yes, BoP questline and classmounts are not account wide.

I’ve heard legion and Draenor pathfinder will be removed but BFA still is needed? Am I wrong?

Good news is after Valajar there is no more rep gates in Balance of Power. Trust me I did it 12 times. You are near the end. Last steps are getting food for Odin and plates from Neltharion’s lair. Then you do Halls of Valor and lastly Nighthold. After you do this you go to Moonguard stronghold(take an artifacty wepaon if you because you will have to equip it) and power up your artifact. If you want it for other classes you will sadly have to go through the process all over again. If you ever do focus on getting the reps before you start. That way the questline itself will be more smooth.

As for pathfinder, well it’s account wide so if you get it you will get in on all your characters. Also it might go away in Shadowlands. It’s confirmed that Legion and Dreanor pathfinder won’t be required or be purchasable. There haven’t been any change to BfA on Shadowlands yet.

well at least u need to do BoP only once for class so its not so bad

BFA is going to be go-to expansion to level for newcomers, i don’t think pathfinder will be completely removed from BFA.

But it would be nice if they at least removed the rep grinds. That’s the worst part of pathfinder, as it’s time gated content. Things like loremaster or explorer you can get by questing 10-50.

Guide for BoP

What we know so far about Pathfinders going into SL …

Kinda. You’ll be able to buy flying for gold in them zones without having to do the achievement. So technically the achievement is still there if you want the Draenor mount, but you’ll be able to buy the ability to fly for gold.
BfA will remain unchanged.
With the flight master’s whistle, so many flight points, and the flight master mounts being faster than our regular mounts, I don’t really see BfA Pathfinder as a necessity, especially considering you’ll be spending a majority of your time in the new SL zones.
The only reason you may want to do it is for the mechanical parrot (Squawks and Sharkbait are better anyway imho).
So yeah, don’t feel compelled to complete Pathfinder if you don’t want to.

Complete the order hall questline and the argus questline, you should get rep tokens missions which give overall 2.5k rep each for 200% completion iirc

Ive done the order hall! Ive got my class mount…!! Where do I find this rep tokens missions?

Not for BFA pathfinder. That one stays.

Go for both. As for pathfinder part 2, it took me 10 days of doing everything in both zones. So if you take it slow, it’ll be done in 3 weeks.

There should be one or two everyday in the order hall mission table. The base reward is 1k rep for a given faction or 1.5k and then you’ll get a random rep token worth 1.5k rep too iirc

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