Balance of Power questline NPC not appearing

Archmage Kalec, which starts the questline Balance of Power is not appearing for me in my class hall. I have completed the following:

  • Behind Legion Lines
  • Defending Azurewing Repose
  • Class Order Campaign

I am in my class hall but Kalec isn’t showing up for me to start the Balance of Power questline. To my knowledge, I have finished all the prerequisites. Is there anything I am missing?

Only thing I could think of is the part in Suramar. Unlocking Shalara and the Moonguard Stronghold ones. Tho I think this was needed later on.

Wowhead says it can take Kalec 1-3 days to appear ,maybe its that.

You can also try checking Azurewing Repose itself in case you had picked the breadcrumb quest at some point and completed it. BtWquests addon is helpful to figure out complicated questlines in Legion, Bfa Etc. as well.

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I have already checked both areas and he is nowhere to be found. I am using that addon, and I’ve checked everything and I have everything completed. I should be able to pick up the quest, the NPC just isn’t there.

Did u finish it recently? If so, as I say people report he takes some days to appear in some cases. Wait 3 days maybe and if he still isnt there , send a Ticket.

Yeah, I finished my Class Order Campaign this morning. I’ll see if he shows up in the coming days.

The quest NPC showed up today. I’m not sure if it’s because I waited the few days or because it’s reset day but nonetheless, he is here! Thanks for your advice

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