Balance vs Feral

Hi, what you would consider better for pvp dueling arena bg, sometimes m+, i think i enjoy both almost equaly. Ehat would you choose and why?

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I play feral on my druid. It feels ALMOST like a rogue, but with heals.
It’s a solid dueling spec. A bit difficult in arena because it’s so easy to die if you don’t get good at pre bearing stuns.
Good in BGs too if you know your weakness and don’t just rush into team fights.
Better in mythic+ than people seem to think.


Yeah, i just read a topic about balance being weak in 1v1 gotta agree that probably will be the reason i will stick with feral.

It’s a bit complicated as Druid is a very versatile class meaning you can make either of them work for both styles of play. Depending on your primary goal in the game I’d suggest Balance for any PvE related content and RBG focus or Feral for heavy arena focus, 1v1 dueling or Warmode.
Also as a sidenote I do believe Feral is potentially the single best Warmode spec for a “lone wolf hunting” playstyle assuming you go Resto Affinity. The spec shines so well in the open world environment and can take great care of itself and hunt down virtually any class (including DH’s).

There’s nothing Feral does that Balance doesn’t do better in PvE currently. Balance is also ranged giving it the benefit of making comps better overall.
Likewise, Balance struggles in 2v2 arena specifically which Feral can shine really well in, but it’s very punishing if you get caught in stuns and whatnot. Still Feral can put incredible pressure despite the bleeds being on the weak side if you’re creative.

tl;dr: Balance for PvE, Feral for PvP.


I keep switching between both atm.

I find Balance much easier to play and it’s great for both PvE and BG’s.
BG’s are a blast, lots of spread and burst damage, great escape tools, root beam etc. It’s a Boomkins playground.
In a 1v1 situation though it kinda falls off. Out in the open world there’s other variables such as other players/mobs and terrain which can work in your favour but specifically duels we’re kinda meh.

Feral however is really strong 1v1 because of the heals, the movement speed, stealth and the fact it’s melee. The ‘rotation’ is much more complex and different talent choices mix it up even further.
BG’s are okay but you won’t find ferals in RBG’s I don’t think, which tells me they’re not the best in a BG setting.
PvE is pretty good on single target I think but I don’t really do much of that tbh.


If you want to play feral in pvp, than play a rogue instead.

If you want to play balance, play a destro lock instead.

Playing Druid and not being a heal is just painful at the moment.

Perhaps Blizz is using BfA to prepare us Druids for Classic. :thinking:

Although I don’t think it’s that bad for Balance but prolly for the others. Guardian is comparable to Warrior or Brewmaster in that if it’s numbers is weaker there’s no reason to play it compared to the other two. Essentially, those 3 tanks swap places because none of them have anything unique. Guardian was very powerful during Legion when those 2 were lagging behind (especially during Tomb), it’s just Guardian’s turn to be left behind atm.
Feral is behind most melees and more importantly can’t compete with Balance in PvE (neither on damage or utility) so there’s no reason to ever play Feral.

Balance on the other hand can absolutely hold it’s ground in PvE and they’re strong both in raids and PvE. Even if you’d look into the representation of Destro (in this example) and Balance across both BoD and m+ Balance Druid have almost a twice as big representation.
So yes - the melee specs of Druid is doing poorly currently however both Resto and Balance are doing just fine (if not being on the stronger side).

Op is mostly focused on pvp in his post it seems. Balance and feral have both atleast 4-5 classes which can do their job better.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration. Druid have such a versatile toolkit that good/creative players will always be able to find success even if they are lagging behind on numbers compared to other classes.

A class doesn’t need to be either fotm or overtuned to be worth playing. That said if you’re pushing like gladiator or something then yeah you prolly need to bend over to the meta.

Don’t get me wrong , I love playing feral and I won’t ever reroll. But OP seems to not be a one trIck for the specc and may enjoy playing a less frustrating class.

It’s just kinda sad to have to play 150% to be viable competitive wise and not finding teams and so on, I would rather spare op from that

Ahh okay, that’s fair enough. Feral does have a very complicated yet very unrewarding playstyle indeed.

I play balance as main, mostly pvE. Single target on balance in raids is goodish, not OP, because it depends on length of fight, if it hits the sweetspot of Incarnation. In M+ we are kinda extreme bad compared to most other classes when it comes to damage. We do absolutly no damage outside our Incarnation. Starfall is non-existent so forget about AOE.

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