Balanced Druid LFGuild


Im currently a 362 Balance Druid (low currently, but working on spamming content to raise that currently) Rerolled as i didnt enjoy the class i chose as much as i thought i would have.

i am primarily a M+ Player, Last time i raided properly was during Legion when i raid led PuGs primarily in Heroic Difficulty. During BFA and SL i didnt play alot due to not enjoying the expansions.

With a more positive expansion which i’ve been enjoying more, im looking to push M+, and get back into Raiding.

wouldnt want anything Mythic Raid focused, past killing a boss or 2 at the end after prog for fun / extra loot as some HC guilds do, Looking for players i can premade with, as PuGs are pretty awful.

only real requirement i have is, Cannot raid on a Friday, in my line of work, this is the busiest day and generally leads to overtime. I dont want to complicate issues having to cancel attendence everytime something goes wrong. so avoiding that day in terms of a Raid day is needed.

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