Balancing servers

Ive noticed that most of the servers are kinda onesided in WoTLK Classic. I am kinda new to the game but have an older brother who have taught a few things. He told me that it is no reason for you as a player to play on alliance if the server is 99.8% horde because noone wants to play on the losing side. He also said that you want to be on the side or server with most population because of better economy. With this said, I want to propose two solutions; we as players start taking initative and try to balance the servers out ourselves. I myself started playing alliance on mograine which is 86% horde according to the site Ironforge.
the second solution i am not very knowing about how it will work or if it would be able to work but nevertheless, blizzard could maybe merge two servers together. In example merge the server Gehennas which is 99.8% horde and the server Firemaw is 99.9% alliance. Merging these two would make it a super server with a population of 67 000 players with balance between horde and alliance.
I am not sure if it will be a problem with this high of a playerbase on a server. If the server will be overburdened blizzard may have to implement better servers but I have a feeling they wouldnt do it because they dont care that much or that they wouldnt want to spend money on this problem.

This is complicated.

Players vote with their feet. You are free to join the minority side, certainly, but don’t expect many others to join you.

Blizzard don’t have a lot of options. They could, maybe, forbid the creation of characters on the majority side when a server gets past a sectain ratio, like 60:40. They could forcibly merge servers. In Retail, they do merge servers, but in Retail, it matters a lot less because of Cross-Realm Zones and War Mode opt-in.

Overloading the size of a server is complicated, and I don’t understand the mechanics in detail. It’s not about the total number of characters; it’s about how many people are trying to log on at once.

Again, in Retail, it’s further complicated by instanced zones. We do, though, see lag spikes in zones where something big is going on, like parties hitting world bosses.

While I don’t have all the mechanics, I am quite sure it’s not as simple as “get twice as big a server for twice as many people”. Lag would also depend on the number of interactions and updates needed, and I can see how that could increase much faster than linearly.

Blizzard do not care about faction balance. Believe it or not, people will not move to a realm dominated by the other faction.

One more thing, the majority of PvP realm players don’t actually want open world PvP. I know it sounds counterintuitive but it’s true.

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