Ban Multiboxing Bakalar

Ban this cheating shaman!!"!!! you suck and you need to cheat to win!

That guy is amazin, he posted link about 10 000 kills in chat 1 hour ago,
go to Imgur com and add this as picture code: /XqEjW3j
just wow

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Lok’Tar Ogar!!

Multiboxing by shaman. Server: Shazzrah. Name: Skitzsixteen.

go to ibb. co and add this as picture code: /YZ264M5

Wth, there must be 15+ shamans, our Ashbringer Bakalar multiboxer have only 5 and kicking alliance asses, cant immagine what that ur guy can do. i might take a look and start multi aswell

Didn’t you read the memo? Multiboxing != cheating.

Support to BaKaLaR! Lets get them, Power to the Forsaken!

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