Ban wave just hit

Maraudon looking very empty now. They banned a bunch of bots and people who used Imorph.

Can’t say using Imorph warrants a 6 month ban, but I’m happy they doing something atleast.


They also banned console port players.

They have already started reverting those affected by the console port ban according to people who got banned on the US forums.

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Got suspended 6 months claiming that i have violated game TOS…my account is clean no hacks bots whatsoever…i really dunno what’s goin on…anyone else on the same situation ?


Did you use console port? A lot of people got banned for that by mistake.

Can also be by some kind of auto clicker on your mouse.

I only use some addons like questie and DBM…

Maybe a false alarm triggered?

appeal to blizzard and hope it gets looked into

When did you got banned? Few minutes ago?

You don’t just get banned randomly.

Have you multiboxed the account after tos change.
Have you accepted a large amount of bought gold from a friend or bought gold yourself.
Have you used auto hotkey or any hardware based macros for in-game use.
You said you haven’t used any botting software or hacks so I assume nothing to change your model or lagswitches etc.
What about what others saying console ports
You haven’t used banned add-ons that lets you use forbidden Lua code


They BTW have already removed some bans due to appeals

I havent used console ports…no multi box also…in general, i havent got involved in suspicious behavior to trigger such alarm…my account is clean…i dont know what happened really…i submitted a ticket for appeal hopefully they will revert the ban

Hope your ban gets overturned, sistah.

If ya be clean, ya be clean. Even though, you be dead and smell bad.



Been a day now. Seems the bots aren’t buying the dark portal pass. Cause the bots have not returned yet. So I guess they leveling?

You absolutely can, I was hit with a 6month ban once and it was reverted in less than 24 hours.

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Wow how surprising a ban wave, at the same time a level boost has been introduced. Last big one was november? Coincidentally 6 months ago. It’s almost as if it was planned to boost numbers and revenue :hushed:

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As expected. Now that they got their boost money they act…

Better late than never I guess. I hope they got all gold buyers as well.


Don’t forget your tinfoil hat. And ban waves happen in waves for a reason.

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Surprise, surprise! They do the ban wave 1 week after the boost is available in the shop. Now all the bots have to buy the boost to start farming again.
All going according to plan!..