Barter brick/ loamn rep

hey there, i have recently got back into wow again and am trying to get max rep with the loamn and get barter bricks, however i have not got any of my weekly quests for the barter bricks or even the quest for the boulders after reaching rep 12, i have fully completed the caverns questline, this has gone on for 2 weeks now and i am lost!
plz help !

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I suggest you be somewhere in the caverns, log out, and then log in and wait for the snail to come and give you quests to go to loamm.


That snail followed me across the isles!!! Even if I flew he appeared carried by a balloon :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

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I’ve tried this multiple times with no joy. for some reason the snail doesn’t appear for me.

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