<Based> 9/10 HC SoD, casual/social raiding 1x week

About us
Based [9/10 SoD HC] is a small, community driven guild, founded during Shadowlands by a group of veteran and new players alike. We wanted to play in an environment free of Epic Gamer Moments, shouty raid leaders fumbling through AOTC, and the discriminatory language (and ‘jokes’) that are often so widespread and accepted in gaming communities.
It was formed by members who have seen their fair share of hardcore raids, and now raid somewhat casually once a week. Real life comes first!

Many of our members have played at a high end in the past, and now play the game with a much lower time commitment but we still aim to clear the current content tier. We raid once a week on Wednesday, 21:00-00:00 server time. We aim for AOTC every tier.
We are currently looking for a few DPS players to fill out our roster for Sanctum of Domination, and would really welcome ranged DPS and a windwalker monk.
We believe in taking the player, not the class, and welcome anyone to trial with us via a cross realm raid if they wish to join us from another server.

Activities Outside of Raid
Aside from raiding, we have a lively discord community, run M+ groups and the occasional organized RBG on Friday nights if interest is high enough. We have a core group of people spanning EU and US, who all get on incredibly well both in-game and out.
We always welcome more like-minded people to join this community. All players will gladly be accepted, provided you match our ethos, and share our values: We have a strict “zero tolerance for intolerance” policy, and pride ourselves on our inclusivity and diversity.

Contact us
Discord: Nayruna#7824 or on B.net: Nayruna#2102 or Crom#2777

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Huge bump for the place where all my best pals are - If you don’t have the time or drive to hardcore raid, but still want to kill bosses then this is the place for you!

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Bump. 7/10

Still always in need of anyone nice


A sensational guild full of lovely people

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hi, are you taken on any healers or just dps?

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For raids, we’re usually good on healers, but we’d be happy to welcome you if you are up to flex for DPS if needed. If you want to chat about it in detail, look up Nayruna or Crom on b.net and we’ll figure something out hopefully.

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