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It is not easy to step back and reflect on a positive experience after it has recently ended. A comedown is never as good as the high.

After a change in my personal ambitions for WoW, mutually it was agreed my future would be away from based. Sometimes paths diverge to different destinations. However, I felt compelled to remark on an incredible 14ish months in a great guild -

  1. The guild has many champion players who are eager to share experiences and provide guidance to help you improve in all elements of the game. If your new, old (me) or a veteran player, there is something for everyone. I was shown how to keybind correctly!

  2. The community is tight and extremely social, most guilds advertise social environments but cannot deliver to a standard that can

  3. Finally, really cares about the individual, the guild has found a great balance between knowing each player (plus marks for having a cat!), maintaining a solid raid team and helping elevate you as an individual.

I have played WoW since TBC and naturally I have been in many guilds. I would comfortably say this is the best guild I’ve been part of. They have truly captured the essence of an inclusive and friendly online community.

If anyone from reads this, I enjoyed playing with you all and I wish you all the best of luck in Dragonflight.

p.s Dogs are better than cats! *runs out of the room

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Aw mate thank you xx

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