Battle for Darkshore Heroic?

Saw that there was a legendary quest for darkshore, remember they added heroic mode or so to it…checked it out.

Only quest for normal darkshore, no heroic quest as of yet…

On the table, it do tell you, that you can do battle for darkshore heroic, but, you need a group for it.

Joined a group, checked table for fun, now it only show battle for stormgarde there…?

Left group, checked table again and its back to normal, taunting you with “you need a raid group to be able to queue for heroic darkshore”.

Was like “meh, forget it” left the place…passed the [Honorbound Service Medal] vendor and remember they added a 350 costly cat mount to it, checked it out “you need to have done heroic darkshore to be able to buy this”…;_;

Bet that darkshore is first there once the new raid is out then?

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With scheduled maintenance on January 22:

  • The Darkshore Warfront now has a Heroic difficulty, with item level 460 gear rewards.
    o Please note: Heroic difficulty will become available in the first Warfront that begins in each region after the Season 4 transition in that region.

Starts with season 4, gotta wait a few days

Same for the 8.3 world bosses iirc

Was disappointed to not find the quest either, guess I will check back next week before it ends. They better not make us wait until the next time the warfront rolls around…


Hc Warfronts are the same content as N ones, but the better (relatively) Rewards require you to queue as a Group.

… unless you mean the one-time Quest with a fresh ‘occupation’; then, yes; NYI.

Ahh, that also expains why they havent added in the extra 30 ilvl for the dif stuff, seems to be for season 4 aswell.

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So should we do the heroic darkshore now and then again when quests pops up on wed reset? Or wait until wed reset to do it and pickup the quest then?

Don’t wana get screwed on rewards by doing it before it’s updated or lower lvl rewards or something.

Sadly, we cant it seems, first after 22 (when season 4 starts and the new raid is out).

So this warfront we just get screwed out of heroic darkshore quest and rewards and have to wait for a whole other cycle?

Blizz this blows…

Seems so sadly ^^.

But hey, horde bais right :P?

Well it’s a pretty big upgrade piece of gear for almost everyone 460+ right? So EU/Horde lose out on it this week because of some bad timing on warfront cycles being bang in the middle of patch week and right before the raid?

I mean come on? Really? Just seems so ridiculous the issues with this patch and now that as well.

Feeling very salty this week. :smiley:

Horde got 1st arathi and alliance raged out, after the cycle changed, and alliance got the edge.

Now alliance gonna get the edge, so horde qq waves inc this time.

I shall drink all these salty horde tears.

As mentioned, horde had first arathi cycle with no ilvl req so alts got geared pretty fast whereas alliance got the hotfixed version with ilvl req to queue.

And this is why factions need to go. No more qq on who gets shiny first.

Don’t care who gets it first but seems silly it’s up now but can not get heroic quest because blizz decided on some crappy date for “official patch start”.

If it wasn’t obvious it is very sarcastic, I don’t give a flying about who gets what first.
I’d rather they’d just like, evened out so both factions get the same reward at the same timeframe instead of one week gets the edge, next week .

But Blizzard is a small indie company afterall UwU

Have I missed something? Alliance have had HC Arathi this week and my reward was warforged to 435. It looks as though both factions are waiting for 460 gear rewards?

The HC Darkshore rewards will give 460 from the start of next week which is what OP was originally complaining about.

It then went onto the whole shebang about how when Arathi originally launched Horde got it first with the free 370 piece and 340 for alts without an ilvl requirement, which was fixed in when Alliance had our turn at Arathi back in Uldir times.

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Ah, ok. So Darkshore rewards will be greater than Arathi … and everyone will get a turn at them. Not sure the point of arguing about something that happened way back.

Main argument is Alliance gets the scaled up Darkshore reward before Horde :stuck_out_tongue:
Which gives us an “edge” in raiding having a free 460 item by then.

Argument is stupid anyway.

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