Battle net app should be either fix or perma deleted

Suddenly for NO REASON, i get dc’ed, i check my net connection, perfectly fine,
Okay, its just a dc right? … Ye, No.

Bnet is completly broken, cannot log into my account, it doesnt log in game, it doesnt even start the game , and everything is literally non working.
I restart my net, pc, trying to fix bnet, uninstal it, install it… Again the same problem.

In the meantime my friends casually play and this occurs randomly once in a while to random players. Its the 2nd time it happens to me.
So, since Bnet is making our lives way way more frustrating and its a bs of an app since day1 can we atleast remove it? or FIX IT?! hello ?

EDIT : ht tps://

Your crap is always broken, app went offline just long enough for me to dc from a bg… jesus not like you arent getting millions every month? microsoft must come and sanitize

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