Battle of Dazar'alor Solo impossible due to 'Mind Wipe' spell

Hello Blizzard-Team.
I wanted to inform that it is quite impossible to do the Raid Battle of Dazar’alor solo or even with a friend together.
The bosses are easy soloable until you reach the Council. As soom the Akunda’s Aspect is active he is using constantly Mind Wipe which silence you for 25 seconds and then he silence you again. It would be great if you could fix some of the BfA raids so players can make them with friends or do solo!

Same goes for G’huun in Uldir with carry the Light orb, not soloable, even if the content nowadays with a bit of gear is managable.

i would love to farm some transmogg I couldn’t get back in BfA and I’m sure others would like to do this too!



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