Battle Royale in WoW?

Imagine a new type of “battleground” where you could queue into a battle royale. Different maps could be zones from all over wow.

Smaller maps = The zone is Orgrimmar, Stormwind etc
Bigger maps = The zone is Durotar, Stranglethorn Vale etc

Queue as solo, 3 man or 5 man, and you meet many other teams. Everyone starts on a zeppelin, and drop out with a rocket like in Seething Shore to wherever they want to land. As with every battle royale, the ring gets smaller over time, and everyone are forced to fight each other. The last team standing win.

Wouldn’t this be fun?


What makes the battle royale fun is the game balance.
We have fun the first round and then realize frost mage is broken so everyone goes frost mage in the mode with solo play.
Same with teams of 3 and teams of 5. They figure out the best comp for kiting and staying alive and we come to have 18 / 20 teams alive in the last circle with huge lag and 5 fps, as it happens in Fortnite tournaments.
Not to mention diluting the PvP player base even more to the point no game mode has decent queues anymore.

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another frostmage too strong, in solo pvp ? rly ? man people are dleusional, roll a frostmage see how far u go in duels and casual pvp


Because you fail to understand the context of the discussion. You just jump with your head against the wall without reading the initial post.
It’s about battle royale. The mage finds someone on the map, they freeze, poly and run. It’s not about the damage. The design of some classes would break the battle royale mode.
Sitting on the forums all day defending your class like it’s the last thing in the world is cringe as hell. Don’t worry, your Blizzard daddy won’t get your toys away from you.

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Then queue up with a mage on your 5 man team?

rogue and druid could sit in stela,th the entire battle royale, not even any need to sheep, by your logic.


Maybe have buffs etc that can detect stealth you can loot.

Would still be far too big of an advantage even if stealth was only available for 50% of the game really.
Remove stealth mechanics and then balance properly, maybe…

Also, no tanks allowed!

to be a true BR you have to go in “naked” and no spells, and get items/spells/potions/flasks etc along the map, doesnt matter the class you are you can get spells from other classes and use it.
i would try it… might be crazy thing but you never know…

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This would actually be pretty cool. Dunno about the spells part but the finding gear, potions, flasks sure!

Didnt we have this with the coliseum in wod from the garrisons?

Seems more like something a Private Server would do than Blizzard. The problem is there is no real incentive to do it in Wow. Could be fun for sure, but seems a lot of work for a small player base & what kind of reward would it provide?

No the coliseum was just a FFA arena, same as SV arena but in an instance instead of world.

we dont need a BR in an MMO
we already have too many types of pvp

the population is fractured enough into all these game modes

we dont need another one

theres only so many times you can divide a small number …

There was that world event in Stranglethorn arena for the chest.
That had the kind of buzz you’re looking for.

It might be fun but it will be completely unbalanceble.
I brawl maybe :thinking:

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