Battleground blitz bug

Just had a strange bug in the Battleground blitz , where i was somehow not present on any of the two score boards screens .
As a result My team won the game , but I somehow lost it and got no conquest reward for winning . (just244 honor)
The something different quest (which is for winning ) somehow completed as well .

On the score board on my team there was some hunter wwho did 0 damage the entire game instead of me .

I think it had something to do with me getting sent in , with a wrong spec after coming out of a random heroic .

1: I queue blitz as affly
2; I change spec and queue random heroic as demo
3: complete random heroic and come out , to have the blitz queue pop .
4: I accept blitz queue while specced as demo
5: In blitz I am still demo ( even though i queued as affly) and cannot change that , so I play as is and do not got shown on any of the scoreboards .

Anyone had this kind of bug before ?

You seem to be pretty sure about why this happened.
Have you tried to replicate it to see if it happens again?
Try to go through these steps again, maybe take a screenshot this time or record the round.

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