Battleground Blitz Queue Problem

Blitz is perfect, the teams are generally balanced and you re not facing premades and its give good conquest for winning, its beautiful game mode for bg enjoyers like me (i hate arenas), but after many blitz wins i waited in que for 40 minutes last night, why?

Well, as much as healers are mandatory… you’ll have queues… especially in solo pvp.
Think of it like this… Healer and randoms are a bad combination for the healer players mental health… especially if he is not into it.
I take myself as an example , that i heal solo shuffle yet not heal Blitz.
Queue times are acceptable when i play usually (afternoon/evening) and i don’t have need to cap conquest because it’s very easy.
The key is…honor gained doesn’t count towards the vault.
For someone to do something, when he is not into it…it has to have something.
I don’t need to play 10 Blitz games…i need 3-4… just to play and have fun, because no premades. I don’t need instant queues, i can do wqs and when it pops i get in.
Now if it was that i could cap the vault, I’d queue healer, get done with it yet more people in the healers queues… And then play what i like without having in mind vaults etc. just play.

I bring myself as an example as i cant talk about others, yet i understand that not many people would queue as healers if it didn’t benefit them somewhere else …

What I don’t understand in both SS and blitz is…why the fixation with the fixed healer spots in game modes that designed to be unbalanced and chaotic…? Just mirror the set up roles, set-go…and there would be no queues. About balance? It will be the same as now, yet more difficult for all of us individually without someone fixing our mistakes (or at least trying even if he is bad, it doesn’t matter).

There is something wrong with it currently for sure. I gave up on it today because queue timer says like 10 minutes, like always. But I am sitting those 10 minutes and then 10-15 minutes on top because I have to press ENTER for like 20+ times because people decline the invite all the time.

Which means, the queue time is actually 20-30 minutes. If this is the future for that mode, then I can play shuffle, would be the same waste of time, waiting for a match.

I had that happen to me a couple of times over the last days. So it wasnt a one time thing.


Super fun Blitz bg, most of the time WHEN you finally get in. The queues however are a sheer horror. Queue time says in average around 7-8 min. but you never enter after 7-8 min, more likely after 17-18 min. This is still okayish BUT the amount of “someone has declined…” is beyoond annoying!
I have for EVERY queue min. 4 declines and it peaked today with 7, prologing the queue even more.
Is it a bug? Or do players really decline this much? Please look into this issue!

Its not only Blitz, even random bgs taking ages. I usually moved to play on Europe, i wonder if 40 min queues for Random BGs is a normal occurrence here, in Americas it used to be about 5-7 minutes. Like the queue says so

They probably just go afk after annoying waits

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