Battleground Brawl: Ashran. Endless!

Hey, first post here and i don’t really understand the forum yet, but how can i report this bug? We had a BG Brawl in Ashran yesterday night that went on for around 3 hours. Whenever one team would reach lets say 399/400 kills it would just reset to something else like 0/800 or 0/50. And it seemed to be never ending, untill we finally managed to do the race, use portal and sneak in backdoor and kill ally leader, then the quest was finished and you could leave without getting deserter. But the BG was still going on as of 3 hours i joined, thats when i left when it was still going. And also you never got the Honor/Conquest reward for winning the brawl.

How can i report this bug?

Thanks in advance, Cowcain

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