Battling Bots in WoW - The Struggle is Real, and Blizzard, We Need More!

Hey WoW Warriors, it’s like Azeroth has turned into a battleground against the machines, and it’s not the kind of PvP/PVE I signed up for.

PvP Insanity:**

  • Battlegrounds it’s a bot fest. Thirty + bots in one week – that’s a whole team and then some. It’s not PvP; it’s PvB (Player versus Bots). Are we just supposed to accept this, or should we be demanding more from Blizzard to level the playing field?

Quests and Achievements Trampled:**

  • I saw bots speed-running through quests and achievements like it was a race to the finish line. It cheapens the sense of accomplishment, and I can’t help but wonder – is Blizzard doing everything in their power to protect our hard-earned victories?

Have you noticed an increase in bot encounters lately? Do you think Blizzard is doing enough, or should we collectively be pushing for more decisive action? Share your experiences, frustrations, and let’s brainstorm some solutions.

It feels like Blizzard is quick to throw the ban hammer at players for minor chat violations. But when it comes to the plague of bots flooding the game, it’s like they’re tiptoeing around the issue. Do you think they’re putting too much emphasis on chat monitoring at the expense of dealing with bots?

A big part of the WoW experience is the community. Bots disrupt that community spirit, yet Blizzard appears to be investing more in monitoring chat conversations than actively combatting the botting epidemic. How do you see this affecting guilds and group dynamics, and what changes would you like to see?

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Thankfully it’s not as bad as it was a decade or so back, would queue late at night and each side had maybe one or two actual players, the rest were pure bots, all following the same routes and sticking to each other like glue. Actually managed to have more fun in those games than the current state of pimped up gimp premades almost every game. You could use the bots to your advantage as they would just attack anything that came near you with the flag, funny and pathetic at the same time.

Either you play vs Bots/scripters, you play vs win traders, or you play vs 40 man premades. Sometimes during a rare moon, you will also have a normal game. PvP in a nutshell

Yes I remember in mop when half of players were bots during the day and at night almost everyone was a bot. It felt like being in a zombie apocalypse because all bots were going together forming a ‘train’. It was like playing a zombie game instead of WoW. I really cant believe to this day how Blizzard allowed this to happen for a whole expansion.

Luckily now its rare to find a bot in BGs.

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