BCC Season 3 PvP Updates

When people still believe that they can do it once without messing up :rofl:. Just look at the forums. They are incapable communicating with the playerbase in the slightest. The „community“ manager only shows up to announce whats already decided. They don’t care about input, they don’t read the forums and thus don’t spot bugs immediately (or they are just too lazy to fix them). They needed 4 weeks to fix the first boss in Zul Aman. But hey! The Us forum has gotten a community council (with no visible representitive of the classic community and where europeans cannot even post). This company is a hot mess.


True. But I already got the gloves cause I bought them some time ago as the first piece of my S3 set. :<

Gotta say, I am in similar situation with some of my chars … I have been dutifully buying all pieces the moment they were available, so I can actually use them during the longest PvP season …

Now I am stuck with just enough points to buy some useless trash I dont need or one flush away from buying some bigger item I could actually get some use from …

The Season 3 off-pieces are wrongly priced…
Neck, boots, bracers & belt. Can you PLEASE fix the pricing ASAP before the items gets removed when S4 starts? Thank you

And please, read the posts on the forums Activision Blizzard.
You will lose your players if you can’t communicate properly. Information is key!
We want information ahead of time, not on a short notice like this!


I just asked about this theme on a ticket, check this answer ROFL

Your ticket has received the following response:

Game Master Risticohe here!

I understand you wanted to exchange your T6 tokens for Season 3 PVP gear.

We have had a few players bring this up in the last day or so.

We can’t follow-up on an individual basis on the issue tracking, but rest assured we have reported this as a potential bug. Bear in mind that it might be gated until Sunwell Plateau is available. In any case it seems the rest of the player base is in the same boat, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about missing your chance here at this stage.

I would advise keeping your eye on TBCC news and forums for the latest news.

A few minutes ago, we implemented a bugfix for the incorrect prices.

Vindicator’s gear has universally had its cost reduced in Honor Points, and Marks of Honor are no longer required for any piece, as intended.

In Season 4 next week, Guardian’s Honor pieces will have their Marks of Honor cost universally reduced by 50%, but their Honor cost remains as before, as intended.

Thank you for your reports and helping us track down this bug.


Thanks for that fix. What about the wrong amount of arena points? It was stated this week’s calculation would use the new formula which will result in increased points across all ratings but we all got points that were calculated with the old one.

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Oh so it was a bug. Rip my honor spending spree a few days ago, cheers for the announcement I guess.

Wann to know this as well. Should I now get the head and shoulders, or will I actually still get the 31 points needed for 2h.

I hope we can get a refund for the items we bought earlier then. I was 13 Arena Points off from buying season 3 shoulders and bought the totem instead on my shaman.

  • Tier 6 tokens will now be exchangeable for Season 3 gear.

And whats happend with this? Where is that Vendor?

It’ll probably be on the new T6 vendor that becomes available on Wednesday.

I mean that was a guy on the ship at the sunwell isle in vanilla, but that bluepost said it will be available now. But doesnt matter, as long as its available when s4 starts :smiley:

Its about the honor gear not the arena point gear. So no refund needed.

refund marks and honor for people who bought gear at bugged prices because your communication sucks

Does anyone know if Season 2 gear can now be purchased for Honor points now Season 3 is over?

I bought Merciless Gladiator’s Gavel for honor in Area 52 this week. I did not check anything other than wepons, but I guess everything should be there.

Vendors are in Nagrand and Area 52, its more or less same price as was S1 previously, weapons and sets …

I would honestly wait a bit, at least for S4 to start (unless you are on honor cap), because I wouldnt be surprised if blizz attempted some half baked catch up fix and you will waste your currency for no reason …

Although that might be just my wishful thinking …

With all the discounts and mark cost getting removed and honor/arena points gain increase and full S3 by doing bt/mh etc. is there any chance the trinkets (specifically the epic pvp medallion coming P5) could see some reduction in price?
40k Is still a lot. Sue me if you don’t agree.

I contacted customer service, with the Question to atleast refund honor OR marks… they answered: “Wrong purchases can be exchanged in the game, so unfortunately we GMs do not intervene. You were shown how much the items cost when you bought them, and you accepted those prices. The reduction shortly afterwards is really painful, but unfortunately we can’t intervene in the situation either. :(”

This is next level scam i guess, a huge mistake by blizzard, then blaming the costumer who buyd for wrong prices like “its your own fault”.