Be careful joining <lockbox> pug MC raid

So tonight o was asked to come heal MC in a semi pug for the lockbox guild. They made a rule called roll +1. We are 3 shamans who can get loot (resto spec) and first shaman gets loot fast. Then 2nd shaman gets loot (shaman loot btw). Now I get the chance, mail healing helmet drops. I expect to get it but no. First shaman gets to roll again ??? They said it’s because he was passing on previous it’s. That was a item for multiple classes, great that didn’t get explained. Just a warning if you join their pug raid :slight_smile:

Well apart from you no other pug had a problem with loot rules.  we even let an outsider tank to roll with our main tank for tier sets and items whenever they droped. 
 The VERY reason you didnt get loot has nothing to do with rules. if you remeber and everyone in raid can easily remember we link few boss fights and total raids healing done before giving the item to our shaman so you and everyone else can see the fact that we gave item to our shaman over you not becouse we ninja  but simply the fact that we didnt wanna give it to someone afk all raid slack behind and get an item from the very last boss of raid. 

Point was not to keep it in guild. we would gladly gave it to another shaman regardless guild tab if there were one rolling. we simply made that call base and simple common sense. no work = no loot

I was 6 or something overall with my shi ty green gear but also 7th on overhealing

wether his/her healing was low or not if they rolled and won or didnt roll and it was thier turn then they should of gotten loot you dont change rules because of bad performance you should of replaced that person if it was that much of a deal, giving loot to someone else in that case is bulls**T

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          ofcourse everyone entitled to their own opinions. but as i mentioned before we decided to not to give that item base on the reasons i mentioned. nothing is granted for anyone in our runs. you cant expect thing base on anything but your effort. it is not just if someone  good or bad at playing or any numbers on meter. it is the slacking.  the activity etc...  for replacement part. well we didnt see that we need an extra healer. we were basicly was fine without which was also the main point we gave loot someone else after saying it openly in voice and chat.

a +1 roll system ehh?.. was the raid leader a lvl 60 Tauren Warrior named Vanillashy?
yeah could have told you this before, but don’t join that guys raids if you want to get loot, because he is a ninja. we kicked him from Conquest about a month and a half ago after giving him several chances to improve on his behavior, which he did not. the worst part about having him stick around is that people were starting to call us a ninjaguild all because of this ONE guy hosting MC pugs and ninjaing stuff to sell.
in this case it sounds like he ninja’d a BoP item for a friend, which doesn’t surprise me. what does surprise me is that the guy has any friends whatsoever.

Read my other posts.stay away from conquest. You guys know how many epax PPL Got in my Raids. Im a main tank and im not even half epic even though i run MC weekly. Ithink a ninja like me would be full epic after 2Nd clear.
Lockbox is a nice guild with nice name