Bear druid damage, threat and survivability issue

Hey :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been playing this game for really long time (17 years almost!) and my main is always bear tank. After season 2 nerfs to my main, i’d like to ask if there’s any plans for increasing bears damage / threat and survivability? I’m asking because we really struggle to keep threat from burst classes like ret paladin, dh or enh sham outside of ours incarnation cooldown.

Survivability is not the best, but managing somehow 23 / 24 everbloom on forty giga pull on start but still it’s kinda spicy, while dh is sniffing that damage. The reason of that petition is, because DH Vengeance, Brewmaster monk and Prot paladin got way more damage, threat generation and survi than bears. Also getting invited for something higher than 23 / 24 is mostly impossible, because i’m a bear which pugs doesn’t like this patch.

I understand that there’s not so much such querries, because people tend to chase meta. But what about those players that are with all their heart with bear tonks like me? I really hope my querry will reach Blizzard class designer and we can work something through about that problem ^_^. Thank you very much for reading this, and have a nice day/evening :heart:


Well if you’re tanking +23/+24s then well done, you’re already doing really well and higher keys than me (I stopped at 20) so don’t think I can offer much advice.

What I can say is there is always hope they will do a tuning pass with Season 4.
Also we will likely be getting the Season 2 tier bonus back as it was voted the most popular, which will give us a nice buff because it was so powerful.

Also I use the Augury trinket from Fyrakk (you have to be feral spec to roll on it/get it from the Great Vault) and that often does 12-15% of my total damage in a dungeon. So if you can get your hands on that on the Myth track that would be awesome :star_struck:

I tank 23-25’s myself, and don’t see the issue to much, sure everbloom is a bit iffy, but also depends on your comp. Flower debuff stacks can be removed, by palas/monks with freedom/tigerslust and so on. Casters, well interrupts and CC’s never fails. Sure DH’s has it easier, but who doesn’t love a challenge? Stay strong bearboys

edit: also seeing your spec, you’re not even running 1/2 of well honed instinct, might have a look at what you’re playing as well

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Yeah well, im using my own custom builds since… i cant remember ^^ Never chase streamers builds etc. When i see i lack something, i test it and change for myself :smiley: If you wanna try stronk bear, try going versa + mastery build. I have atm 45% versa + 27% mastery and bear is kinda tonky, but lack that aggro generation.

Flower debuff tactic I use;
Vortex + run 2 feet, hit dash : No more debuffs.
You need to time it with things being interrupted as well, or stunned.
BiS situation is an AoE stun has gone off, and THEN you do the dash/shapeshift (quick) tactic, but if you rely soley on yourself - that’s a way to go.

Noting; This is deadly if you don’t know how to time it. We squish outside of form.

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My best advice is, run your own keys if you stop getting invited. Make some friends as you go, be sure to add newling-friendos that behave nice and play well.

The first EB pull is spicy, but completely ez-mode if you do incarn pre-key start; then incarn again during, and time your Fren Reg’s to pop your health best.
You play with typhoon; so you can push things and shapeshift out + back in super fast to remove flower debuffs, but it is SUPER spicy and requires practice to not get squished.

Be sure to weave your defences, Barkskin → Fren-regen → Surv → Incarn; repeat.
Also, I recomend going for disorienting roar for places like EB, it’s a really lovely fake-interrupt for mobs in there.

Take a paladin to EB keys and have them freedom you on the flower pulls (on pull and again on CD if there are still flowers alive). I’m pretty sure being able to clear the flower debuff on tanks is the reason my pala gets into EB keys so easily.

Well if you’re using ‘‘custom’’ builds, that might explain why you struggle. Theres a reason there is talent guides, and cookie cutter builds, because of the synergy. Should never chase streamer builds either, as they are doing 28-30 keys, and that is not relevant for 26 keys and under at all, in most of the time. Well stats doesn’t matter for a bear ilvl> stats. If you lack aggro generation as you say, your playstyle is wrong.

I use ‘custom’ builds, and that’s why I don’t struggle.

ilvl > stats usually, but stats does matter.

Not until your maxed geared out, as agility > everything else.

That depends on your ‘‘custom’’ build as well, some people are hard trolling and don’t pick stuff with synergy

at any ilvl of gear stats does matter.
an item with one stats has exactly same agility as other same ilvl item with other stats.

Main here is ilvl>stats, for tanks. yes if you do have maxed out ilvl on pieces then you should fiddle around with stats. But as a bear tank, there really isn’t one stat that is bad, so no. Agility/Ilvl > secondary stats to begin with.

the bear is unlikely to collect, for example, crit, since it does not protect against magic, and gives the bear little other than DPS. so no, you are wrong.

Bear doesn’t have anything against magical damage, besides the defensives, so comparing crit to that, makes literally no sense.
Crit makes abilities hit harder, helps with aggro, so how is it useless? Let’s also not forget, crit gives you dodge. And it helps against physical damage. So if you say it’s little other than dps, you’re wrong. Completely wrong.

mastery and vers help against magic dmg.

Hm… A crit is not useless. it’s just less useful than other stats.

crit, in addition to DPS, gives less, again, than other stats. mastery, for example, gives both DPS and agro, too, and protection from magic, as well as from physics, and strengthens the heal.

How and where does mastery protect anything at all from magic dmg? Besides giving you a minimalistic boost to your HP/healing recieved and a little bit of attack power??? it’s minimal.

Crit is good , it makes your abilities crit, ergo , more damage, it also gives you dodge 100% of the crit is converted into dodge.

All in all, NO stats are bad for the bear, all is good. The majority while gearing up is

Item level due to agility/mainstat > over fiddling with your secondaries
That’s the whole point. It’s a literal troll to think else, when secondary becomes important is when you have lets say 2 pieces at same itemlevel,sure then you can go for something that is of flavor. But before your maxed out in all slots/have equal ilvl on different pieces, item level over everything. That’s basic knowledge.

Every class/spec in the game is itemlevel due to mainstat first, then comes secondary.

Again, that’s the whole point.

Edit: Only that does not really matter to much is rings/neck, due to they’re not giving any mainstat, just a stamina boost and secondaries.

hm… max HP…

minimal is 0.
count it before you say that )
for example, mastery can give more EHP than bark. besides, bark is a temporary active save, and mastery is a permanent passive bonus.

no, crit is the worst, because it does not protect against magic, and gives less than it gives speed. and even in terms of dps, Crit is on an equal footing with other stats.

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