Bear form nerf killing guardian in RBG

Bear was already borderline playable, the deeper we go into the expansion the more dmg there is into the game due to Versa giving damage 2:1 versus survivability, now you nerf armor on top of it? I wouldn’t mind the nerfs if the best performing tank in the game (Vengeance DH) was nerfed as well. With this nerf you kill any variety left for tanks on EU ladder and Vengeance is being made the undisputed king


Personally I think they didn’t consider tank specs at all, nor how it scales with the bonus damage they already receive.

They just wanted to adjust PvP so that armor is less effective in general. Basically they pulled out the bear armor reduction as an after thought to various other abilities that grant armor, that people might complain about, they didn’t even bother to adjust it for each spec.

Indeed Tank DH’s and Monks don’t seem to be made more vulnerable to damage at all because they just wear ‘leather’, same as Druids who (almost) got off too.

As I said, I don’t even think they considered Tank specs in the slightest making these changes. Just collateral damage they want to get out off PvP anyway.

Top-tier laziness and not caring in the slightest. Probably some dev who needed to validate his existence by doing ‘something’ before his next performance review.


Yes, and DH and Monk already have many class mechanics to make them tanky despite being leather. Not the same for Bear Druids.

They will probably fix it later but does seem like an ‘afterthought’.
I look at the PvP changes and it doesn’t inspire me to play it.

It’s not that I think vengeance DH, and especially Brewmaster Monk, deserve the extra nerf or something. It’s just the spite they didn’t take the effort to adjust it for the rest of us.

I put myself on a break too. I do hope they’ll fix it before the next expansion, but my hopes aren’t exactly sky high.

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