Become a Death Knight in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

I would really like an announcement as to when the 50% exp bonus get activated. If it isn’t announced within 3 hours, I will lose a bet :frowning:

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You may as well pay up now. It won’t be until after the consolidation on 10th August. (my opinion)

When will you let me?

late august, it would seem

Berny would love to make a death knight when the expansion starts in mid 2023.

I guess they also tried to hit nostalgia strings here.

I made so many DKs while trying find race combo, however reading that article I remembered DK starting zone only from the perspective of Blood Elf Обсидиан of Fordragon PvE created in January 2009, the first DK whom I got to lvl 80, who had so many payed transfers, look and race changes, that ended up being this DK.

They made it for Retailers, who never played original Wrath and will play Classic WotLK for 2,5 months, before jumping into Dragonflight. Just a small reminder of what to expect from a class.

I think anyone interested in making a DK in wotlk will have already youtubed it. This is perhaps the most documented game in history, and as it seems classic has been more popular than retail, I doubt there are any planning on playing wotlk that haven’t done some research on wotlk.

True. That Article just says obvious: “Hey, DK were different back in WotLKC. You need to prepare yourself”

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Not everyone wants to watch everything in advance, where is the fun in that. They’ve made changes in Retail since Wrath (was Retail), to how it all works so people may not be aware of the earlier restrictions. Others may be totally new, some may simply have forgotten.

So a few guidelines to show the differences aren’t a big deal and no doubt it’s also a bit of advertising.

I think we’ve all seen the leaked date. No idea if they’ll stick to that but it’s not that far away now.

Cool story, but when’s RDF?

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