Become a Death Knight in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Become a Death Knight in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

The Lich King’s armies present an ever-present threat to all life on Azeroth. Some of his most terrifying servants are known as Death Knights—unliving instruments of the Lich King’s will.

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When we asked for an Update then we did not had something we already knew in mind :frowning:

Wow thank god,

This is exactly what i needed - A guide on how to make a character in a nearly 20 year old game.

This is way better than a pre-patch announcement.


Are you joking ? " Stay tuned " and this is what you’re dropping ? It’s disgusting, what are we ? Milk cows ?


Agreeing with everyone on the comments, we don’t want to know something we already knew. Unlock Firemaw transfers already. Enough is enough. People want to prepare for wrath.

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Give them a few hours. Bet more announcements are being released today, this is the first.

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How can a company be so out of touch with its community as to post this piece of garbage.

Come on Blizzard, can you not see everyone is tired of the nonsense and want to see something real from the blue posts for once?

There are certain obvious, logical steps to take and Blizzard is going the completely opposite way.


Could we PLEASE get some info on the realm merges instead of just more fluff?

No thank you.

Good to see so many positive and happy customers showing up here.



Oh jeez how helpful, it’s not as if I’ve ever made a death knight before…

Did they really just release 14 year old information that most of the playerbase already experienced, and those that haven’t have most likely googled in anticipation?

Really shows how few of their marketing staff actually play the game. Getting that “Hello fellow kids” vibe.

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Better more detailed info on dk’s on pretty much every wow site. Maybe employ someone on the media team that actually plays the game.

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Did anyone not know this?

I’m guessing people who weren’t around for the original restrictions and only played the game in much later expansions.

It does seem like it’s stating the obvious so I’m guessing it’s not aimed at the players who did it before.


Not really. Especially sind they said all that stuff already when they announced WotLKC

Even I knew DK’s came with Wrath.

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Kind of logical really but they had different restrictions in place compared to now.

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I actually meant from the original Wrath not classic. I thought it was mentioned in the Blurb about Wrath Classic and that there aren’t many restrictions to making a DK.

Don’t worry too much, Microsoft approaches.