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Topic : Algoritm for LFG for RANDOM Epic Battleground.

When you can choose between Alliance/Horde, you should in the long run be around 50% win/loss. Its almost like a coin-flip.

Last couple of months i geared up 3 characters to full glad gear only by doing RANDOM Epic Battlegrounds, and my sample size is around 500-800 epic battlegrounds.

My winrate is around 30%. There is something very wrong with the coinflip!

Yes, ofcourse it could be me who destroys everything in the battlegrounds, and dont know anything of objectives, but it shouldnt impact the result that much since its 40 vs 40.

The scenario is often i loose 4-6 battlegrounds with horde, then go merc for being alliance just to notice a miracle and a complete turn around in dedication and skill from horde. After loosing with alliance a couple of times, i turn back to horde, just to witness another miracle in dedication and skill from alliance side. It could be coincidence, but not with that samplesize.

Suggestion to Blizzard is to let every player have a hidden w/l ratio. The LFG Epic Battleground algorithm should pair ppls with low w/l ratio with ppls with high w/l ratio. That shouldnt effect queuetimes much, and as a sideeffect it will destroy “premades”. I dont have a big problem with premades, and its easy to just leave when facing premade group.

Until then, i cant really recommend new/returning players doing RANDOM Epic Battlegrounds.

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